Na PD thanks SeungGi at Baeksang Awards

GoF won the Variety Program Award, and in his acceptance speech, Na PD thanked the members of NoF, including SeungGi, as well.

“I’m very thankful to Yoon Yeo Jung teacher-nim, Kim Ja Ok teacher-nim, Hee Ae noona, and Mi Yeon noona who were in a burdensome position after GoF ended but still went on a trip together. And our SeungGi who readily took on the porter role, thank you very much!”

Congratulations to Na PD and GoF!

credit: JTBC Star
English translation:

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6 Responses to Na PD thanks SeungGi at Baeksang Awards

  1. dramaaddict says:

    One of the most humble, talented and humorous PD. Congrats PD Na and gives us more Variety Shows with SG soon. Looking forward to your next variety.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to Na PD! Congratulations to GOF! And thank you, NOF!

  3. joy says:

    Congratulations to TVN & Na PD.
    PS : PD Na Fighting Fighting !!! i ‘m looking forward to your next variety.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “our seung gi”
    I love them!

  5. snowflakes says:

    My favourite PD! ^^ congrats to the entire GoF team! Pls don’t bully Midae hyung too much in GoF, haha. Hoping to see NoF continue after YAAS and plenty of rest 🙂

  6. iheartseunggi says:

    Hmm . . .this is the first time I’ve seen a winner get a non-aisle seat. Anyway, thanks to you Na PD for capturing all the wonderful Seung Gi moments.

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