14.06.01 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

A good news to start off the new month!

Korean fans started seeing old Pizza Hut CFs on TV today. It seems that SeungGi has renewed his contract with Pizza Hut, and he might have already filmed a new CF on April 16.

source: dclsg

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28 Responses to 14.06.01 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. ywlovesg says:

    Could this mean his army stint may not be end of this year after all?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hyun Bin, Song Joong Ki even signed 1-year new CF contracts right before the day they went to MS too. That mean people can do commercial contracts which lasting during the time they do MS unless the contracts are signed before the time they go to military. In Seung Gi’s case, as we see, he chooses most of short-termed CF contracts due to his MS plan because he wants to cut off clearly, not because he can’t sign long-termed contracts. And as many articles said before, his image as a CF model for those products he endorsing is too powerful so they had no choice that had to replace other new CF models gradually in order to not cause shocking to consumers and his fans as well, since it will affect strongly to their sales if they change the new CF models immediately – I mean until the last the day he goes for MS.

      • Anonymous says:

        “because he wants to cut off clearly” but why he wants to do that?? 😦 At least we could see him in CFs … I hope he doesnt leave yet , I dont even wanna think about that 😦

        • ai_ren says:

          There are Stars who are 1 or 2 year older than SG n they havent left like Siwon etc.. Hope SG wont leave for atleast 1 more year.. 😦 i cant think abt him leaving too 😦

          • Anonymous says:

            You should remember among Korean public, Seung Gi has a very different position from those idols or other same age popular actors. He is called as the Nation’s little brother or Nation’s ideal good son, and it’s not for nothing. However since he’s well beloved by the whole nation so their expectations for him also higher much than other popular stars. You know during the days when he endorsed for Max Beer as a CF models, he was 23 back then but the public still had some objection and as Yuna Kim’s case with Hite Beer, it was one of the rare brands he endorsed for just a year because the public always thought both were still as a child age (while they were not anymore though) and it could make a drinking habit to young people because both him and her well-known as role person?
            Even when he was 22 years old, both the public and the medias already mentioned and asked him about his MS plan. They repeated it every year through his interviews.
            And through his interviews, we could see Seung Gi himself also knew about this sensitive issue so well but couldn’t help since it was not a thing he could decide alone but mostly up to Hook’s decision too. But since he’s a smart guy so I believe he knows when is the time and what is the best for him to do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can I tell that Pizza Hut can’t live well without Seung Gi? I guess they thought they could remain their top sales by riding on a drama’s popularity but the fact proved that they were so wrong so then they try to contact with Seung Gi again despite of it’s just a short term contract due to his MS duty. lol.

    • guest says:

      Did i miss something? what happened?

      • mel says:

        They got some reply 1994 people to do a PH commercial after that drama ended if I remember correctly. Though he was still the CF model I believe.

        Anyway, time to order some pizza for dinner now :p

  3. melissa says:

    I hope Seung gi won’t leave for amy yet.. I hope Yoona can wait for him to come back..

    • Sarairen says:

      Hmm … Whats the meaning of downvotes people i dont underestand?! That means you want him to leave or because she mentioned yoona?! Honestly, I have no idea of yoona (I prefer not to think about her lol) but all i know is i just dont want him to go …
      Can i hope for a miracle that happens and this mandatory millitary service be completely canceled in korea?! So we dont have to let him go? Well I think i can 🙂 everything is possible 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        More likely because the poster is a frequent troll although sometimes her posts seemed normal.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have said the answer. I think most of airens prefer not to think or mention anything about her at LSG fansites like this. Just support and focus on his own activities would be better. His relationship belongs to his own life anyway so no need to bring out his gf’s name at places just for LSG fans.

        • scbound says:

          no need for down votes votes at the mere mention of her name either. You people call yourself his fan and then disrespect his personal life choices. shame shame

          • Anonymous says:

            They downvoted for that fan’s comment, not for his gf. It just meant “we don’t like/comfortable with this topic you mention”. That’s all. And it’s also seen as a caution for other fans would be careful to avoid repeat it after that to keep the smooth among fans (even to her fans too) so I don’t think it’s disrespectful to his own life. Keep mentioning his own life’s stuffs (as his gf) at topics which has nothing related to is really disrespectful to both his own life and fans I think.

            • Anonymous says:

              Actually this probably what the troll want, chance for fanwar (in and out Airen). The good thing is fans here can discuss about her post maturely. She like to post post that seemed worrying over SeungGi and his gf, but slowly you begin questioning her post when she posted the same thing again and again that seemed to have double meaning or cause other fan to worry. Not mentioning when she clearly rude about SeungGi choice of project or trying to stir up problem about it. Most of her shady post like to involve other people/party, so that can cause fanwar.

              I’ve no problem about mentioning SeungGi’s gf, but agree with preferring fans stay quiet about his relationship to respect his and his gf private life.

            • scbound says:

              lol her comment was I hope he does not leave yet, who would down vote that. lets be honest. mentioning Yoona got the down votes and as I said its disrespectful and un-necessary and really sad.

              • angel. says:

                LOL i have also noticed whenever someone mention yoona , there are tons of downvotes. It’s actually sad like by clicking downvotes she’s going to disappear from his
                life.some fans needs to understand she’s already his GF ,already part of his life ,like a family . his GF knew more about seung gi then some of jealous fans ever will. so hurting her means hurting him.

                • Mai Airen says:

                  I don’t think we are hurting her by only downvoting the comments!! I don’t think Seung gi would like it when we keep mentioning his private life (on an article that has nothing to do with his girlfriend). We never said we want her to dissapear, we’re downvoting the comment because some people can’t differentiate between professional life and private life! If you were a celebrity would you want people to keep talking about you bf or gf?

                • Anonymous says:

                  No one against her, but you need to remember it should be better if you mention it at the right place, the right topic. He has gf or even has wife, it’s his own life. He himself doesn’t wish people keep hooking his professional jobs with his gf’s name so as his fans, why need to keep doing it? Unlike a lot of her fans keep wishing they would break up that even on her birthday, they kept spreading on twitter the ‘happy birthday to LSG’s ex-gf’ or even wish him to die by making some terrible photo story with a car hit him. LSGfans’ quiet reactions like this are called so cool I think.

              • Anonymous says:

                I think the above comments had said enough honestly as you wanted, it meant many fans here didn’t wish and didn’t feel comfortable to see comments mentioning about hif gf friend at those non-related topics like this CF topic. If you guys want to mention about her freely, just let to another place, there’re some couple-places for both of them. That’s all.
                Honestly, I think tryp96 blog has so opennesses compared to other Seung Gi fandoms, as Korean fansites DC, Daum,… You could visit there, they banned and deleted all mentionning about her name to keep the fandom’s smooth and his privacy as well. And the same case among her Korean fandoms too.
                I don’t think Seung Gi likes people keep mentioning about his relationship everytime everywhere while it’s totally not related to his activities. When he always tries to show everyone one thing that he wants to focus and give his best for each of his current jobs, why fans must to keep repeating it everywhere? He always said he would try his best for his works through all of his interviews in the past but after the daing news came out, you could see he even tried to show that for fans, for public so strongly more than before ever. Why he haven’t mentioned anything about her through his interviews or shows after the dating news yet even at YAAS drama press conference recently, he didn’t want and had to remind reporters not to ask questions non-related to his job that they were so eager to hear he said himself, why?
                It’s his professionalism and it also shows his high respect to both his fans and her fans as he shared on his interviews before.

      • mel says:

        she’s a known troll

        • ywlovesg says:

          I rather not pay attention to her posts at all if she is a troll… why make ourselves feel bad and leave comments that make each other uncomfortable due to her comment?

          I still can’t understand why people will feel uncomfortable mentioning Yoona in this blog or when talking about his personal life when it is already part of his life….. I am not implying anything but if you wanna think that way… what can I do? Even so, this is the last time I will mention Yoona in this blog if you guys feel uncomfortable about it 🙂

          However, this is all about perspectives, people…. Please understand.

  4. KalAi28 says:

    Wow! A great way to start the month indeed!!! Like I said his reign as the CF king still continues. LSG effect never fades!

    His MS might come early next year probably… after his birthday! … craving for some pizza now 🙂

  5. ai_ren says:

    Wa! No way! Thats the best-est News EVER!! 😀
    SeungGi Back with Pizza Hut!! ❤

  6. april says:

    Best News !!!
    Hope that we can see a lot of his CF in Korea…China…Japan soon
    Hook Fighting !!! Seung Gi Fighting !!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    @scbound I know and its obvious that you are a fan of the couple. I understand that. But I don’t think giving downvotes to a comment mentioning her name is synonymous with disrespect. And you even doubt us as a fan. Why can you not just respect the majority here who are not comfortable with the mention of Seung Gi’s gf. You like them,so be it, but if it were otherwise you have to learn to respect them too. Why not try to understand them, instead of giving sarcastic comments like “you call yourself a fan”… shame shame” We are all here for Seung Gi and the least we want is to hurt him. We just don’t want to mix his private/personal life with his professional life. We respect Seung Gi’s decision but I don’t think there is a need to always mention her if we are talking about his work, I’m sure that is also the case for her fans since they are so protective as well.

    Ok, you probably got offended by the downvotes, and as you said it’s unnecessary, I got that.
    But that doesn’t give you the right to question other fans loyalty. There will be no downvotes if there’s no mention of her name because I think it is also unnecessary. Some comments here had already explained the reason for the downvotes.

    By the way I find the comment Off topic actually… we’re talking about CF and his MS then all of a sudden… “I hope …. she will wait for him!” Urgh!!!!

    I know this is kinda late comment… I’m trying my best since yesterday not to but I can’t help it. This is my first and last…I said my piece. Thanks!

  8. Yay! Our precious CF king still going strong!

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