Hook “We wanted to avoid broadcast cancellation, but…”

I think Hook has been busy talking to reporters today, and each reporter is writing something a little different. There are over 100 articles on SeungGi’s eye injury right now, I tried to read all the ones that interviewed Hook, but I’m sure that I missed a few. Anyway, here’s a summary:

SeungGi was injured in his left eye. Because eyes are very sensitive organs, extra precautions have to be taken. The doctor told him to give his eyes ‘complete rest’ for at least 3 or 4 days, so he cannot return to filming yet. His injury does not require surgery, but it can definitely get worse if he’s overtaxed. SeungGi is going back and forth between hospital and home, getting treatment. He’s doing everything he can to recover quickly so that he can resume filming soon. He was really surprised at the time of the accident, but now he’s really worried about the negative impact this might have on the drama.

source: nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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34 Responses to Hook “We wanted to avoid broadcast cancellation, but…”

  1. AmelDD says:

    oppa, ur safety is first, we know u’re sorry for the production crew and ur co-stars, but hey, it’s not ur fault u’re injured, and u should take care of ur precious eye, u know once it’s gone u could do nothing to turn it back the way it used to be, so just rest!!!

  2. micesing says:

    OMG! Seung Gi you don’t have to worry about the drama, just take a rest coz you’re the most important. I’m sure that SBS won’t just sit behind if there’s a negative impact because of the broadcast cancellation.

  3. luna says:

    Oppa please don’t too worry about filming. your health is my priority. I know you’re a professional actor who doesn’t want to interrupted the drama production but please please i beg to you don’t too hard to yourself

  4. Peiyi~ says:

    Omo what happened to you oppa!!!! :O safety first!! Just rest well at home and don’t worry about the drama! We can wait!!!!! Get well soon ❤

  5. farla1314 says:

    I really want to cry!! Seung Gi yah, Fighting!! Don’t think too much, take rest!! Get well soon!!
    We all airens are support you!!

  6. Ulya says:

    Seung Gi sshi don’t worry about drama. we waited this this drama long time and we will wait again. you health and you most important . i pray for you everyday. Take care of you Seung Gi sshi. ALLAH bless you. Love you so so much.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oppa , i don’t need drama , i just want your eyes recover quickly !!

  8. lulu2050 says:

    oppa ,who care about the drama ! we wouldn’t want to watch the drama if you weren’t feeling well ! the most important thing that your eye recovers well and that it doesn’t have a permanent effect on you ! please have a good a rest and don’t worry about filming everyone understands !

  9. nomoyepo says:

    Teary eyes upon reading not require surgery “Thank you Lord” so worried about the news..rest well and follow your doctor seung gi ya ..

  10. Yon says:

    No matter what negative impact it may have on the drama, your health is the most important. I’m sure the viewers will understand.

  11. AnnMichelle says:

    Please rest and get well. Everything else is secondary.

  12. Carolina says:

    Oppa, your healthy is the.most precious one that you should take care of it.
    We trust that you could face it. Fighting oppa!! keep spirit and get well soon. 😉 :-*

  13. Don’t worry too much about work Seunggi-yaaa, safety and health first please 😦

  14. april says:

    Seung gi ya, your healthy is most important. .. .other thing is secondary.Fighting Fighting !!!
    PS:may God Bless Seung gi and YAAS Team

  15. omuraiisu says:

    SeungGi-ah.. please don’t push yourself too hard, don be bothered by anything. I’ll always support you, but please just rest well and get recovery soon.. >.<

  16. SLTeh says:

    Seunggi ya, please take care & get well soon!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please take a good rest Seung gi and get well before going back to filming, your safety and well being is the priority.My heart aches for Seung Gi. Suung Gi saranghae…….

  18. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi, please rest well👌
    Wishi you a speedy and complete recovery!❤️

  19. Anonymous says:

    Seunggi, please take care and rest well!👌
    Wish you a speedy and complete recovery❤️

  20. Osi says:

    Your health first, Seung Gi yaaa…don’t worry about the drama.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Get well soon Seung Gi yah…Hope there is nothing serious with the injury.

  22. judepps says:

    Seunggiah we need to see you back with BOTH eyes (fully recovered) so just take a rest and don’t be sorry coz the most important here is your health..We can wait for the drama until you’ll get fully recovered.. Praying for your fast recovery.

  23. mmeshahsg says:

    Seung Gi ssi.. you are very precious, so are your eyes. Please have full recovery before going back to work… please… please… Please have a complete rest. We really care for your health. May GOD continue to protect you, my dear.

  24. Claire says:

    Seunggi, please be well. We pray for your complete recovery. There’ll be no negative impacts because nobody intended this to happen. It’s an understandable circumstance. We just want you to be free from any danger. Looking forward to seeing you and your bright eyes soon! Fighting! 😊

  25. Poply says:

    I’m lost my feel what happen. I only hope him will better , get well soon.don’t worrried your work , your health most important . I can feel.

  26. racil1509 says:

    We love you Seung Gi please get well, we pray for your safety and recovery…

  27. Mai Airen says:

    The drama can wait…even for a few more weeks. So seung gi ah please rest well!

  28. jan says:

    Seung gi ya, how are u today? take care ya

  29. Anonymous says:

    Pray for your fast recovery for uri seung gi…take this time to rest well n give us the best as always, ur fan will always support n pray for ur wellbeing n im sure all beloved people surrounded you will take good care of you …luv u suengi gi dearie💕💕💕

  30. Sunbae!!! Your Airen’s will always be here waiting/praying for you to fully recover; your health takes priority. Saranghae oppa!!!

  31. Missa says:

    Fans don’t mind if YAAS airing will be canceled because of this. Seunggi’s health & safety should be the priority. I know YAAS crew & HOOK are all worried that it may cause a huge negative impact, but please don’t push Seunggi too hard. Give him time to regain his health.

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  33. seunggicharm says:

    I am really shocked when I read about the news yesterday. 😥 Seung Gi is such a great person to apologize and even try to go back to work even if he just had an injury. I’m sure that the production crew and the rest behind YAAS understands his situation. His health is more important more than anything else. My prayers are with Seung Gi and his fast recovery. Let’s continue to pray for him.. He should really get a complete rest.. Seung Gi-ya~~ take your time to recover… We can wait and we’ll wait for you. We’re praying for your recovery and your safety.. Fighting! ❤

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