You’re All Surrounded Photo Sketch 30 – Lee Seung Gi

The staff posted these pictures to console fans and wish SeungGi a speedy recovery:

You knocked on the window of my heart
I ended up opening it

– Poem ‘The Beginning of Love’ by Yong Hye Won

You’re dazzling, but it brings tears to my eyes

Please be sure to tell your friend JiYong that Ep 10 is postponed to Thursday..!

source: sbs
English translation:

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7 Responses to You’re All Surrounded Photo Sketch 30 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. micesing says:

    I so love him with the camera, his taking Digital Image & Contents in Dongguk Graduate School right? He must love it, being surrounded by those advanced equipment.
    We should thank sbs for consoling us with those picture but can’t help it, still anxious about his condition. Hope for our Seung Gi’s fast recovery and I really, really hope that it wasn’t that painful! 😥

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand why you do not care, you can not do things in a hurry. What we now have served our LSG injured, strength and take care and that this bad time will soon be a bad memory. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. dramaaddict says:

    SG, concentrate on speedy recovery and rest a lot. The rest is secondary.

  4. AY says:

    Seung Gi, fighting! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Focus on getting well. Rest and stay strong and positive.

  5. KalAi28 says:

    Awww, get well soon Seung Gi ya! When you’re hurt, your Airens are in pain 100x more. Please take this much needed rest for a while. Fighting!!!!

  6. venus says:

    seunggi oppa setiap melihat drama mu ini rasanya ingin

    Nangis oppa 😥 😥
    Selalu terlintas di pikiranku siapa yg melakukanya

  7. ciciudi says:

    Get well soon my idol… we always pray for you seunggi ya….. rest is very important…. love u……. always lee seung gi oppa….

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