Lee Seung Gi, Pizza Hut CF model for 5 years in a row… ‘SeungGi Effect’ daebak

Congratulations to SeungGi!

source: startoday via nate

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4 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, Pizza Hut CF model for 5 years in a row… ‘SeungGi Effect’ daebak

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lee Seung gi is a miracle in the Endorsement industry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tryp, I found this on another blog, “During the time that Pizza Hut has appointed Lee Seung Gi as their model, they recorded a 20,000,000 Won ($20,000 US Dollar) sales of “The Special Pizza”. Within one month of launching the “Wow Box”, 400,000 boxes were sold. The launch of “Crown Pocket” also exceeded sales of 1,000,000 pieces within 2 months, obtaining positive results and displaying the brand as a pioneer in its industry.”
    Is there something wrong about the special pizza? It said, “피자헛은 이승기를 모델로 기용하는 동안 ‘더스페셜 피자’ 2000만판 판매 신화를 기록했다. 또한 ‘와우박스’는 출시 1개월 만에 40만 박스를 팔아치웠다. ‘크라운포켓’은 두 달 만에 100만 판을 돌파했다.” All the unit was used here was “판”. Doesn’t it mean the special pizza sales is 20 million plates/pieces, why this translation version says it just 20 million won while according to reporting in 2011, the special pizza sales has surpass 5 million plates/pieces, if 20 million won, doesn’t it mean they just sold about 2000 plates/pieces?

    • tryp96 says:

      Sorry I missed your comment earlier.

      I double-checked the original article, and they definitely sold 20 million ‘The Special’ pizzas, NOT just 20 million won of pizzas.

      A medium-sized ‘The Special’ pizza costs 16900 won (per PH Korea’s homepage), so the total sales would be about 338 billion won.

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