Lee Seung Gi Coming to KCON 2014 as Featured Guest?!

OMG, USAirens, are you ready?! There’s still no confirmation from Hook yet, but the Billboard article and KCON homepage (could someone please update SeungGi’s profile?!) both list SeungGi as a guest.

credit: kconusa

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22 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Coming to KCON 2014 as Featured Guest?!

  1. Anonymous says:

    and girls generation

    • AnnMichelle says:

      So? The group is also attending, as reported by the organizers. The most important, and, in fact, the only point is, Seung Gi is attending!

      • SG4EVR says:

        I don’t see any announcement on LSG Website…?!! I guess it will be post later…
        Yes, Seung Gi will be there! And with soooo many artists as well… oh wowwww!

  2. KalAi28 says:

    Hmm.. sounds exciting… I’d rather not comment about other things in this KCON…. USAirens better get ready, Seung Gi is coming… I’m happy for Seung Gi, hoping for more International appearances! 🙂

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    Wow! So excited!!!

  4. Bee says:

    Is this for real and can I go ahead a making my trip arrangement?

  5. dramaaddict says:

    USAirens, what are you all waiting for? Finally your dreams come true!
    I can see Tryp has already booked her ticket. lol

  6. omo.. i want to go. but how can we find out that he’s going to appear for sure? there are 2 dates, Aug 9 and 10. is he going to be on both days? anyone who has info, please post something. need to arrange some trip.

  7. what does it mean by “featured guest”? anyone knows?

  8. Kitzeekat says:

    Hello ladies 🙂 I’ve been a fan of LSG since 2010. I’m a silent lurker of tryp’s blog for almost 3yrs. I’m posting because I wanted to attend kcon2014 and see puppy. I’m excited to see him and meet new friends/USairens 😉 I am looking forward to seeing you all in August!

  9. Anonymous says:

    what’s up about girls generation?down vote? what wrong? i think the group confirm before LSG? i don’t understand btw, please separate feeling between work and private life!

    • dramaaddict says:

      But remember this is “Everything Lee Seung Gi”. There are many special guests too.

      • Anonymous says:

        In public blog like this we don’t even know if the down votes are coming from SeungGi fans, but if it was true, I get that fans want to keep the focus on SeungGi, but some fans are too sensitive. SeoJin-hyeong previously said to be attending also, but looks like he cancelled. If we mentioned his hyeong or teacher even in unrelated topic about them then it’s okay, but not his gf 😦 I prefer fans not to comment about YoonA too, but don’t need to get worked up every times something related to his gf brought up. That comment only saying “and GG”, it’s not much.

  10. scbound says:

    Tryp any chance of us organizing a group of US AIRENS and others of course to go together ?

  11. Congratulations Tryp,USAiren !!! Can absolutely feel the butterflies in your stomach,your heartbeats .Will you able to sleep since the D-day ?! 😀

  12. SG4EVR says:

    It’s so great to hear Seung Gi is coming! SO excited. Be best if his own concert! Sorry I like to see more of SG! =)) There will also be so many others too! A lot! Like wow — pretty overwhelming!! Seung Gi is the featured guest so I really really hope he will be on stage longer and sings many songs…=D)) But hard for me to imagine how this works with so many artists!?!

  13. ywlovesg says:

    His first foray into the US market, I’m so excited and glad for Seunggi.

  14. lulu2050 says:

    this is so sad it’s my first time visiting US in these days but i won’t be in LA and my parents are refusing to send me there 😥 i just want to cry 😦

    • lulu2050 says:

      oh right forgot to say am glad finally Oppa will come to US am sick of the stupid people saying he’s not popular just because he doesn’t go to US as if it’s some kind of a measuring popularity thing -_- now they can keep they’re mouth shut because everyone knows how popular he is and the Seung Gi effect!

  15. babygirl says:

    Tryp…Tryp…USAirens Congratulatins !
    Greeting from Singapore

  16. AmelDD says:

    Girlfriday will be there too as a special guest, Lucky girl from her recaps of My girlfriend is a gumiho I know she loves Seung GI, ever since she recaps all his dramas, She even named him puppy, and it’s not an insult, to her he beats little puppies in cuteness. Lucky u USAirens 😥 peureopta . Take many pics and many vids please, we’re counting on u!!

  17. Healer says:

    Dearest Seung Gi! Welcome to LA! SO happy and excited for you!!
    Does anyone know which day he will be there?
    I really want to go for both days – but the tixs are pretty pricey!
    WIll he be singing or hosting? Feature guest… hmm?! =))
    Please anyone share anything about it with us! Thank you so much! =D))

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