14.07.02 You’re All Surrounded Ep 15 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 15 clips so far + full episode in HD*

DaeGu & PanSeok opening up a little to each other

DaeGu more assertive after the kiss

DaeGu’s confession

DaeGu discovers the pendant

Ep 16 preview

Am I so not your cup of tea?

PanSeok apologizes to DaeGu

Discovering the pendant’s owner

Sleepless EunUh

Round & round

source: sbsfune, dcyaas, DramaSBS

Ep 15 part 1


Ep 15 part 2


credit: koreanonair

Full episode

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4 Responses to 14.07.02 You’re All Surrounded Ep 15 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. AmelDD says:

    great ep, waaaw trypnim u’re so fast, and I love u. DG DG got the courage to halfly confess, he’s enjoying seeing her nervous, And they found out crazy ajhumma is related to his mum death DEABAK, the preview o.O Gook feeding SS???

  2. lulu2050 says:

    wow so fast tryp unnie 😀 the episode was so cute though i did think it would have more plot progress since well,you know, there are only 2 weeks remaining. but i guess i can never complain because am thankful enough for the bromance and romance i can watch it all day long but i really found some stuff extremely unnecessary like the sports day thing,i mean yah sure it was cute and funny and all but it was a waste of our precious 1 hour. the writer should add more plot story or anything the pace is just so slow it’s kinda frustrating! i really am interested in how chief kang finally stood up for that assemblyman i just hope so much that even she is doing it now FOR Dae Gu not herself! one last thing is,writer-nim i beg of you please let Soo Seon realize her feelings ASAP i’d love to see some cute dates with the EunUh couple :3

    • Just my thoughts says:

      I was also looking forward to cute dates but I guess the relationship progression is quite natural as Dae Gu’s affection towards SS has been quite tacit (or at least to SS) prior to last ep’s kiss and the girl didn’t want to date a colleague. However, the way DG finally becomes more assertive of his feelings in this ep really made me beam! I was squealing CUTE! all the way 🙂

      When PS moved in with the boys, I was thinking ‘SS you should have just done the same! Just carry your things and force your way in!’

      • lulu2050 says:

        but i think Soo Seon to be the kind of people who are always true to their feelings you know? Dae Gu is the kind of person who tries will try to suppress it anyway just because it will hurt his pride. if it wasn’t for that alcohol he would never open his mouth,or at least that’s what i think 😛 but she is the complete opposite though and she seems to know that she does like him specially that she was happy after the confession right? she cared about him since the very beginning and it’s time for progress from her side…..lots of stuff changed since he kissed the first time,she even knows his Ji Young know 😀 same over here in the sports day thing i was just going crazy through the whole thing soo cute :3.
        for the moving thing i originally had the same thought but thinking about it i don’t think it would be possible since it’s not okay for a girl to stay with 4 guys in the same apartment in korea i mean everything is possible in dramas but i some way how like it the way it is,look what happened when she stayed one night in,not that i would mind 😀 sorry about the blabber 😛

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