KCON 2014 Official Trailer & Poster – Lee Seung Gi

I still don’t know what being a ‘featured guest’ entails, but I saw this on their official blog:

“Going beyond the music, KCON 2014 is bringing one of the biggest stars from Korea’s top rated shows to make a special appearance. Lee Seung-Gi will bring the best of K-Drama to the convention that is already jam-packed with big names.”

So it seems like SeungGi is coming as a drama star, not a singer or an MC. Is there a special event planned just for him? Hook, please give us some info! The individual tickets go on sale tomorrow!!!

credit: KCONUSA

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13 Responses to KCON 2014 Official Trailer & Poster – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tryp!
    Just want to ask if USAirens is planning to meet on that day! Thanks..

  2. Dudu says:

    Seung Gi should hold a fan meeting in us this time in advance. We’ve been waiting for that~~~

  3. Anonymous says:

    From this point, honestly, Hook is suck! It’s the rarely Seung Gi appears at an event in US, how can they not report anything about his appearance like this? So how can his fans in US know what day he will appear in roder to plan getting the tickets now to support him while the tickets are going on sale tomorrow? He will appear on 9th or 10th? And what will he do there?
    Or they want to see him appearing with a less warmly greeted compared to other idols whose fans know clearly about their performing day to come?

  4. Airen_Latinas says:

    So… Will he be there in 9th or 10th August???? :/

  5. KeKe says:

    Based on KCON 2014 website, he is scheduled to be there for two days — as featured guest.

  6. KeKe says:

    Agree, Tryp! I also wonder what exactly meant by featured guest… Stiil, I’m very happy and excited for him and that he is coming to LA! Welcome to USA – LA, Seungi GI!! =D)) Saranghee!! Yahhh!!!

  7. jan says:

    Hook Please said something !!

  8. SL says:

    Airens, which tickets are you buying?
    Tickets are very expensive and I am not sure which one I should get 😦
    I am wondering if SG is only attending the convention.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why oh why am I already committed to a trip to Memphis, Tn. that week?!?!?!

  10. Kathy says:

    Girls Generation and Seung Gi at the same event? Yoona and Seung Gi! Ay that would be so cool. I’m so bummed, not only am I committed to another trip but I’ve just moved from California… So sad. 😦

  11. ymart013 says:

    Last year, Henry from Super Junior came as a ‘special guest’ and he had his own little stage in the convention where he performed and then also during the concert he performed 2 songs so it might be similar and he probably will perform at least one song as an artist on the big stage.

  12. T^T Oppa soo close yet so far. I will be graduating from college that weekend so cannot attend. However want to welcome Lee Seung Gi to the U.S. Hungs from MIA, FLA.

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