You’re All Surrounded Ep 16 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

photo source: dclsg

Things that cannot be hidden

After learning about the pendant’s existence, Moon Bae finally makes a decision. In order to find any point of contact between Ae Yeon and Dae Gu’s mom, Dae Gu and Pan Seok go down to Masan and look for new eyewitnesses.

Meanwhile, DaeGu behaves coldly after discovering the pendant, and shows an unexpected reaction to Soo Sun who’s feeling hurt…

source: sbs
English translation:

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8 Responses to You’re All Surrounded Ep 16 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. melissa says:

    does that mean he hurt Soo Sun’s feeling?? o_o

  2. lulu2050 says:

    nooooo c’mon Dae GuDae Gu we were finally getting there 😥

  3. crazyahjumma fan says:

    Actually, I don’t blame Daegu for being upset with SS. The pendant was such an important clue – it was what led to his mother’s murder, since the first ‘murderer’ didn’t complete the task. How she could not reveal that she had it is a puzzle to me!

    • mel says:

      Yeah, I’m glad he yelled at her tbh. I like her character, but it was beyond dumb she didn’t figure it out and say something.

  4. Kittyara says:

    I don’t think ss deserved it. You watch the drama and u know everything including the importance of the pendant. Ss knows nothing except dg mom was killed. If she took it in dg house, she might connect the dots. But it’s school here, so it might belong to anyone. It just reminds her of that night and jy too, thats why she kept it for all those years. And moreover, if she know it related to the case, she would submit it to the police station that day.

  5. Missa says:

    Poor SS… but I can’t blame DG either for being cold to her, its only natural. let’s just look at the bright side 🙂 with DG being cold towards her, perhaps she will realize that she actually ❤ DG don't you think?

  6. lindakwt says:

    I just got confused, isn’t that so sun already handed over to detective seo the pendant and stoled by chiev kang who in turned handed over to yung cheol?

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