14.07.03 You’re All Surrounded Ep 16 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 10 clips so far + full episode in HD*

DaeGu & PanSeok look for clues in Masan

Jealous DaeGu

SooSun’s ideal type? “Your friend Kim Ji Yong”

AeYeon claims pendant is fake

TaeIl attacked

It’s not your fault!

source: sbsfune, dcyaas, DramaSBS

Ep 16 part 1


Ep 16 part 2


credit: koreanonair

Full episode

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8 Responses to 14.07.03 You’re All Surrounded Ep 16 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. lulu2050 says:

    woooow such an intense episode OMG! it was fully packed! although it would have been better that she distributed the stuff instead of stalling for soooo long but i cant complain,it was an outstanding episode ! and the kang chief secret was soo shocking never did i imagined it would be that way! which is kind if messed up since she has right reasons but wrong ways which is even more more interesting! the ending was cute i think this hug was sooo full of feelings it was just amazingly full of feels ! when she confessed i almost kissed the laptop screen xD i guess 2 intense weeks are waiting for us i can’t wait ! can’t believe it’ll be over soon i mean it had it’s plot problems but i enjoyed it was awesome ❤ YAAS AND OPPA FIGHTING !!!!!

    • Just my thoughts says:

      I agree. There are definitely plot holes but the main cast and the characters they play are so endearing that I will really miss them when the show is finished.

  2. venus says:

    Tae ll daebakkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Nabilah Nyki says:

    hehee ..nice5x .tq

  4. lindakwt says:

    And he is also gaining weight…fits him so well!! Keep eating eun daegu!

  5. AmelDD says:

    I can’t believe only 4 ep left, The drama is getting better and better, loves it more and more, they are killing my hungry stomach loool. OMO, DG is really persistant, unlike others K-lead who will play it cool and smooth, he is running after his girl and claiming her (not really running, but not pretending he doesn’t have feelings for her), The last hug is …. AMAZING, I’m feeling next eps are greater, TI will be fine I hope and his parents change their attitudes toward him.
    DaePan couple are great!!! Especialy the halmeoni who thought PS is DG’s dad ❤ , really cute, handsome and hot dad/son they represent 😛

  6. Dramalover says:

    Yaas fighting! I liked this episode. Daegu oppa is getting better with each episode. Totally Love how he tries to get Soosun to Love him. And that little smile after soo sun tells him her type is Ji Yong. So cute!

    Please more of this cuteness cause i’m totally loving it ^_^

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