[Eng] You’re All Surrounded Ep 17 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

*updated with translation*

source: dclsg

DaeGu: Soybean Powder, what kind of person was your father?

SooSun: But why (do you ask)?

DaeGu: Just…

PanSeok: Whose doing is this? What if JiYong found out, how would he feel?

KiJae: Jjang jjang man?

DaeGu: Do you know this person? By any chance, have you heard about the Masan school nurse murder case 11 years ago?

HyungChul: Kid, please don’t dig any deeper. Otherwise, you and I will both die.

DaeGu: I beg of you, please tell me… Tell me the truth of that day.

source: dcyaas
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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8 Responses to [Eng] You’re All Surrounded Ep 17 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. lulu2050 says:

    wooow can’t wait for the romance 😀 i think the last secret will revealed finally in this episode (although all of already figured it out 😛 ) i really hope it’s a strong episode and intense as last week’s….there is only 1 week left 😦 😦

  2. melissa says:

    i don’t understand why this drama seems so boring to me;;;
    there’s no romantics between Dae gu and Suson??
    stupid writer!

    • blueranma10 says:

      maybe you are just bored with your life..are you really an Airen?spare us your thoughts..keep them to yourself..

      • monzaairen says:

        For melissa If you not airen please don’t talk anything in tryp blog Just go to go hell please!!!

    • Missa says:

      HEY! just keep your mouth shut. nobody has the right to tell someone the he/she is stupid. be careful with your words girl…!

      We want this blog to be as positive as possible.

      We AIRENS, supports Lee Seung Gi with all our hearts. In here, there’s no room for your nasty and mean comments.

      It very simple, if you don’t like this drama then don’t watch it.

  3. Dramalover says:

    I just keep replaying the first five seconds. Hihi… So excited!!! And please let the secret be out now, there aren’t much episodes left. Stil have to wait till tomorrow….sigh!!!

    • LuVSG says:

      LOL! You’re not alone! I’m doing that exactly – replaying the first few seconds of the clip! I’m really really going to miss this drama a lot! I can’t believe it’s getting close to the end! WoW! I’m so worry and nervous how DaeGu will respond to the truth.. It will be heartbreaking for me and all of us. DaeGu and SoyBean Powder Fighting!! =))

  4. Hahanzyy says:

    I feel heartache thinking abt the pain and anguish our Daegu Daegu has to suffer when he knows the whole truth. Thankfully we know Soybean powder will be there to comfort him and be a pillar of support for him, and of course his 2 other roommates and ahjusshi SPS 🙂

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