You’re All Surrounded Photo Sketch 40 – Lee Seung Gi

Sharpening manly edge!

Oh, Eun Dae Gu is a man!!

source: sbs

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6 Responses to You’re All Surrounded Photo Sketch 40 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Elvira C says:

    Hi my candy man!💟💟💘👑🎻🎸

  2. LSGi fan says:

    he has such a perfect body. not too thin not too bulky either

  3. judepps says:

    i know we have different ideals.. but IMO I like his physique more during his Lee Jea Ha days. Anyway i hope he’ll consider putting a little weight after the drama ends..Hope he gets to rest & eat well..

  4. Lee seung gi is not atractive by handsome as Hyun Bin…But Lee Seung Gi is atractive by shape looks healthy and I was born 1979, but see LSG looks Grow more than me.Because LSG has standard high. In actors in korea, I only see 2 actors very Special. Lee Seung Gi and Hyun Bin. Both of them, have standard high and Dimples on their Face. Perfectly.Very like Lee Seung gi

    • impreza says:

      I think Seunggi is more attractive than Hyun Bin so it’s a matter of taste. 🙂 But Hyun Bin is handsome too of course.

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