14.07.12 YAAS Fan Event by Lee Seung Gi Fans

*updated* This is the 2nd united fan support event, and it’s similar to the 1st one: ice cream and coffee starting at 3pm, and luxury buffet at 6pm.

source: airen_fanclub, euroairen, sgsunylove, airenjapan

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6 Responses to 14.07.12 YAAS Fan Event by Lee Seung Gi Fans

  1. Missa says:

    AIREN is the BEST fan club ever! ❤

  2. alisa says:

    1st Class Fan Club >>> Lee Seung Gi AIREN <<<

  3. Oh,Fans of Lee Seung Gi in Korea is lovely.They take care Oppa very good. Romance and their take care will help Lee Seung Gi has well Health and Standard Body. I not like actors who has operation to have good looking shape.I like persons natural as Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi has style:Manly.Health.Fun. I often hear Song My ear Candy which LSG sing with Baek ji young.His voice is very sweet.warmly, performance style is sexy.cute. Admire Oppa

  4. Fans prepare luxury buffet, looks envirement around, is really lovely same Lee Seung Gi. Certainly, his eyes will recover completly by Take care of his fans.Have Oppa health

  5. chubby says:

    Daebak…airen is the best… go lsg oppa..go airen… jjang jjang fan club… ^^

  6. impreza says:

    It’s amazing how dedicated they are. There are cute details on every object, it’s so well-prepared.

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