14.07.15 Noonas Over Flowers FB Update – Lee Seung Gi

Talking about youth over and over again brings to mind memories of SeungGi

SeungGi ya, you stayed by flower noonas’ side for a while, as beautiful as ever… Can you surround the noonas too?

source: flowerSister4
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

When will we get to see Variety SeungGi again?

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3 Responses to 14.07.15 Noonas Over Flowers FB Update – Lee Seung Gi

  1. omuraiisu says:

    Omo.. omo.. this make me excited.. miss variety SeungGi so much!! but it’s make me confused, which one I feel excited the most.. next variety show? upcoming album? rumored movie? and I’m even still excited over Daegu Daegu. Just love every side of you SeungGi-ah, the all around entertainer Lee Seung Gi!! You’re really a Jjang Jjang man!!

    PS: miss model SeungGi in photoshoot too!! miss his interview!! >_<

  2. pinksapphire says:

    Is this a hint for the next NoF trip? a fangirl can wish… 🙂
    Tryp, thanks for the posting and the translation.

  3. dhedi29 says:

    miss him in variety shows where you can see the real side of him…Seunggia, fighting!!!

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