14.07.21 Gimpo Airport Fanpics 2 – Lee Seung Gi


credit: ShirLey_XoX, chianguie, dcyaas

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1 Response to 14.07.21 Gimpo Airport Fanpics 2 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Oh, it is really fun, when Seung Gy represent for Mobile, because I also use mobile. In vietnam, there was many Lines maybe price is cheaper mobile, but first time I used Mobile so I use forever. Person is bright, but things around person which is also bright , will make that person more special. Height & style manly of Seung Gi were very attractive, so every I see Seung Gy with pretty cars, I see Oppa looks more atractive. Because Seungi is fun.cute,charming, so every Seung Gi is photoed with Puppy Dog in CF & play with Sangun Dog in 1N2D, I feel Oppa is Lovely as That pets. Maybe Seung Gy in future will join army as Hyun Bin. But I wish Seung Gi will keep his smart marks. Because Seung Gy is still young, so it really can not predict His Love story end in future. In life, it is difficult for agree all wishes of person, maybe You happy in this mark but sad in other mark. But I still wish in future, Seung Gi will have A happy family as Jang Dong Gun. I not like Seung Gy as Song Hye Kyo in romance. Although Song Hye Kyo is beautiful-rich-famous career, but in romances she not keep lovers as Lee Bee Hun,Hyun Bin-it is no success. Happy in life, although you have many person who love you, but only one who live with you & your child until you die, that happy will make you more happy. Because maybe very many persons love you, but persons who accept Nature of You(smart & bad) is really not have much. Person who make you live as you like & many funs,is not have much. I really like Web page, Lee Seung Gi is really lucky when He has many lovely airens such as Person create this Web page.Bye

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