Movie ‘Today’s Love’ Filming News Tidbits

November 26, 2014

Extra filming completed

November 9, 2014

It’s a wrap!


November 7, 2014

Filming at Songdo Canal Walk in Incheon: fanpics 1, 2, 3, 4


November 6, 2014

Movie support event fan account 1, account 2


November 3, 2014

Filming fanpics: kiss scene?!


October 24, 2014

Today’s Love was filming at Woljeongri Beach today. (s: dclsg) Beach scenery photos

Actress Kim Boo Sun joined Today’s Love filming in Jejudo. (cr: kim.boosun)


October 23, 2014

Today’s Love team arrived in Jejudo for “day-night-day filming.” Staff: “Europe next” (for whom?!) (cr: kim_haneoul)

SeungGi actually took flight KE1251 to Jejudo last night. A Chinese tourist recognized him on the plane. (Cr: mmpheobe @ baidu tieba)

Filming near Pyeongdae Beach (cr: kim_haneoul)

TL team at Pyeongdae Beach (cr: nr10210928 who saw both SG & MCW)

There’ll be some puppies filming too. (s: dclsg)

Filming fanpics


October 19, 2014

MCW filming at Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon (cr: lotte_vvv)

According to a dclsg fan, SeungGi is currently filming near Sangsang Madang in Hongdae! (4pm KST)

Cast selca


October 18, 2014

Someone posted on dclsg that Today’s Love will be filming in Itaewon tomorrow.


October 15, 2014

Someone saw SeungGi filming TL with MCW, JJY at Smokey Saloon, a restaurant in Itaewon, a few days ago (date unclear). (cr: wony3330)


October 14, 2014

Today’s Love did night filming at Aiins World in Bucheon yesterday. (cr: kim_haneoul)

Someone posted at ~10pm KST that she saw SeungGi filming movie when she went to a restaurant (burger?) near Sangsu Station. (cr: sjsj1104)


October 12, 2014

SeungGi is at Cafe La Bueno near Sangsu Station? What are they doing with a film projector? (cr: b612_mars)

Filming in Sangsu-dong:

@ggDoA: So 이승기 apparently has a scene where he runs across my street that’s being shot outside today. fanpic

Filming fanpic, 2, fancam

SeungGi is now filming in front of Owl’s Den Burger Bar in Sangsu-dong. [6pm KST]
(cr: mimibbuuuuuuuu)


October 11, 2014

Someone who was in Itaewon just posted “Lee Seung Gi’s face is tiny!!” Is SG filming the movie there? (cr: jjinns_)


October 9, 2014

Filming fanpic


October 8, 2014

BTS Photo


October 7, 2014

Filming in Itaewon: fanpic, BTS photos


September 29, 2014

Today’s Love (including SeungGi and MCW?) filmed at Yeson Hospital in Bucheon.
(cr: sy_special)


September 25, 2014

This drawing might be used in the movie; requested by the art director. (cr: happydong2)


September 19, 2014

Today’s Love filmed for 17 hrs yesterday! Partly (?) at ‘I’m a dancing 先生(teacher)’ bar in Hongdae with SG, Hwayoung, & Lizzy. (cr: kors_hn)

Someone saw SeungGi filming when she went to Kodachaya (Japanese restaurant) in Hongdae yesterday. (cr: mindong_e)

SeungGi will be filming Today’s Love in Hongdae all night tonight, again. (cr: j_nyoung)


September 18, 2014

Midae hyung and MCW were filming Today’s Love near Banpo Bridge last night.
(cr: kj_hye_)


September 15, 2014

SeungGi’s van was spotted in front of an office building somewhere today; he was filming the movie. (s: dclsg)


September 7, 2014

Filming fanpics


September 4, 2014

Filming in Sangsu-dong: fanpics, 2

Filming in Hapjeong Cafe Street/Hongdae area: fanpic, fancam


September 2, 2014

Filming in Sinsa-dong: fanpics, 2

Spoiler photos

PS. I LOVE YOU is a sponsor of the movie. (cr: psiloveyou2014)


August 29, 2014

Someone saw SeungGi filming in Nanji Sky Park this morning. (cr: shsh_mini) The scenery looks beautiful!

The park is located in Sangam-dong, not too far from LSG Forest. 😛

The person who posted the picture said she didn’t really like SeungGi before, but she changed her mind after seeing him in person today.


August 28, 2014

Someone just saw SeungGi filming with MCW, JJY near Chicago Pizza in Hongdae.
(cr: aeri_jeong)

Filming fanpic 1, fanpic 2


August 20, 2014

Filming at Hongdae Playground?

SeungGi & Ga-In are filming at a bus station in Digital Media City right now (as of 4:30pm KST)?! (cr: worldpeace_key) fanpics

How many idols is this movie going to have?


August 17, 2014

Filming at SeungGi’s old elementary school

Seems like SeungGi has filmed at the elem. school 2 days in a row. A blogger says her husband saw SeungGi, but she showed up late and missed him. Her daughter still climbed the fence trying to see SeungGi? ㅋㅋ (s: naver blog)


August 14, 2014

Gosa BTS Photos 2


August 11, 2014

Gosa BTS Photos


August 9, 2014

Hong Hwa Ri will play elementary school-aged Hyun Woo. (cr: hong_hwari)


August 8, 2014

Today’s Love was filming in an alley in Jongno earlier today. (cr: r_candy)
Filming truck was parked near Gyeongbokgung. (cr: harriot619)


August 6, 2014

Today’s Love was filming somewhere in Jongno today. (cr: r_candy)


August 1, 2014

BTS photo?

Lizzy and Jung Joon Young to make movie debut through ‘Today’s Love’ by allkpop
After School’s Lizzy Cast in Movie “Today’s Love” by soompi

July 31, 2014

Today’s Love scenario? (s: dclsg)

Park Eun-ji reverts back to star as a weatherwoman by hancinema


July 30, 2014

SeungGi is filming in HongDae again today? (s: ig)

Hwa Young Joins Lee Seung Gi for Film ‘Today’s Love’ by mwave
Park Eun Ji (MC & former weatherwoman) has also been cast for the movie.


July 29, 2014

Filming in Hongdae: fanpics, 2


July 28, 2014

Filming was supposed to start on July 25, but it was raining heavily, so filming started on July 26 instead. (s: dclsg)


July 25, 2014

First day of filming!!! Best wishes to SeungGi and the movie!

press release


July 24, 2014

Test filming 5 days ago, without actors? (cr: alee_min)

Film slate (cr: alee_min)

Cast took family photos for props

Temporary poster released

Someone tweeted this earlier today:

Lee Seung Gi came to my dad’s shop (restaurant?) yesterday… Anyway he came with staff and had a get-together with well-wishes for their movie… Dad said he was really good-looking…

credit: srakoun
English translation:


July 23, 2014

SeungGi’s very first movie is officially underway! I am so excited! 😛

So it’s true that SeungGi attended the movie gosa today. His van went to the parking lot through the front entrance, people who saw him said he was really good-looking.

It seems that the movie production company signed a contract with Korea National University of Arts which will provide both cast members and filming locations. It’s also the location for the gosa today. According to the document posted above, both gosa and rehearsal took place between 2 and 6pm KST; “main cast Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won and most others will attend.”

source: dclsg, weibo

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41 Responses to Movie ‘Today’s Love’ Filming News Tidbits

  1. renaijidai says:

    OMG~ finally it was here.. SGi’s movie debut!! wohooo i’m so excited bout it.. SGi oppa hwaiting (^-^)9

  2. lulu2050 says:

    wooow this is so exciting 😀 i just hope it’s going to be available on the internet soon after it’s release because i know movies take a long time until they are on the internet and even longer time until they are subtitled 😦

  3. SayangSeunggi says:

    Good luck Seunggi yah!!..I’m so happy!!..hiks

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh finally!! I’m soooo happy happy happy happy hapy!! SEUNG GI OPPA FIGHTING!! I hope i see a picture from him soon ❤ ❤

  4. melissa says:

    I don’t mind waiting so long..
    as long as Seung gi acting is good.. But He gained alot of experience in kiss scene now..
    Moon chae won kissing doesn’t do well.. lol.. I watched all of her kissing, her mouth doesn’t move

  5. melissa says:

    I heard people said filming in the movie earn more money than in drama, is that true?? I hope Seung gi would earn back more money this year… while he’s not doing too much CF T_T

    • lulu2050 says:

      i don’t think anyone cares about how much Seung Gi oppa makes including Seung Gi oppa himself -_- as long as he enjoys himself and he’s having fun then everyone is okay so stop with unnecessary stupid comments

      • Mary J. says:

        I don’t really think melissa’s comment is stupid. Many of us work for a profit and since our Seung gi is an icon of income to his agency I am pretty sure he is earning as much as he is value. HE is a very hardworking person and deserves to be paid in every way he deserves. I have no knowledge of how much a movie actor earns in Korea but I am pretty sure Hook will take care of that. Please respect everyones opinion and/or curiosity. Thanks.
        Seung gi fighting!

        • Anonymous says:

          In all fairness to Lulu2050, I guess she doesn’t mean to disrespect anyone here or melissa for that matter… she might have just been pissed off with her since she’s making comment s that are really annoying most of the time and most of us who regularly comment here on tryps blog don’t know when she is sincere and when she’s not… when she is really concerned or just trying to get attention.

        • lulu2050 says:

          well if you visit here often you know that her comments usually imply something. and i don’t think it’s very respectful to go ask how much do people make out of their jobs. it’s really more like dipping your nose in some one’s business and it’s rude! that’s just my opinion and what i have been taught if it’s okay for some other people then yah okay i will apologize

          • Vietnamese fans says:

            Big agree with lulu2050. Most of melissa’s comments are meaningless. Dont waste our time for her. You see, Tryp unnie doesnt care to delete her comments. Ignore her. She will shut her up. This blog is for our oppa. Let’s show our love and support him. Seung Gi oppa, fighting 💖

      • Anonymous says:

        I understand where you are coming from. That melissa is passive-aggressive troll that I don’t even know if her comment really didn’t implied “something” at times. Better to ignore her.

        • Anonymous says:

          She is probably a mixed-up kid with split personality

        • lulu2050 says:

          i am glad you understand me anonymous every time i see her i just itch to reply to her but i just hold myself but this time i really couldn’t because this is a big no no for me and it’s very disrespectful in my opinion! we shouldn’t care about such trivial and materialistic stuff we should just care about our oppa who brings smiles to our faces right?

          • impreza says:

            I think the goal of such a person is just to provoke people and get reactions. Because you can observe that she never answers back to any comment, even to negative ones. The reason is probably that she loves them above all. How weird is a troll life…

  6. Finally!!!! His movie debut!!!! I can’t wait to watch it!!!! Lee seung gi oppa fighting!!!!!!

  7. graciabellsg says:

    The long wait is over! so excited! but please take care of your health always! Airens will always be your shield!

  8. Anon says:

    It is really non stop for Seunggi. I hope he gets some proper rest after such a hard schedule. Good thing is a movie schedule is much more comfortable especially since it is a modern period. Success to the movie.

  9. kimia says:

    finally!! really happy about this!! hope it becomae daeback movie!!
    seunggi fighting!!
    thanks tryp for the news.

  10. Pingback: Lee Seung Gi Sinema Filmi ‘ Women of 3 Men ‘ Güncellemeleri | leeseunggiturkeyairen

  11. ssviveka says:

    Really happey to hear this news. Seung gi fighting 🙂

  12. AnnMichelle says:

    The movie’s title has changed. Now it’s called Today’s Love (오늘의 연애). Filming is expected to be completed by the end of September. Post-production will take about a month. Theatrical release is scheduled for 2015. (from LSG Baidu Tieba)

  13. Vivienne Neyra says:

    Just do the movie lsg, then visit the Philippines fof your promotion.

  14. jan says:

    Today’s Love .I like the title .Hahaha !!! tomorrow.than married ?? I like it .Hope that it became a best movies of the year. Seung Gi Fighting !!!

  15. impreza says:

    I’m happy about this film debut. I’m absolutely sure that Seung Gi is perfect for the big screen, in terms of acting and visuals. He’s got the talent, the charisma, the face and the body. Honestly I would like to see his movie in Korea on the big screen (I’m a movie fanatic so I enjoy the movie experience in theaters)… Well well… haha am I crazy enough to go there when the time comes? we’ll see…

  16. Indian fan says:

    i recently came to know about lee seung oppa i recently watched his gumiho drama his acting is really nice i want watch it again … I just love korean dramas and movies….. Oppa chukaye for your new movie i an very much excited …. Its of great success

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s a white van. Isn’t SeungGi’s van black? He has two?

    • tryp96 says:

      I don’t know what happened to the black van, but he’s been using a white van lately:

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, I forget about these pics. Thank you.

      • Binh-Vietnamairen says:

        Hi Tryp: Have you got any info on the date of year end concert? I am too desperate about it for my leave schedule which seems to be conflict with others in my office. I know you are also waiting so just checking if you have any updates. Many thanks

      • KalAi28 says:

        Same question here Tryp… i thought I miss something. haha So the black van is out. I like Seung Gi the most when he is in white shirt… but I prefer seeing him in the black van. He shines so brightly when he’s in there. Oh well, am I making sense here… just saying! LOL

  18. ssviveka says:

    Why no seung gi news after KB rock star concert? is he in indoor filming?

  19. Mary J. says:

    Days like today I really wish to be in Korea and taking care of Seung gi. 😦 K-pop world is going crazy over there. Seung gi fighting! I hope to see more good news from you 🙂

  20. ssviveka says:

    Seems mnet contecting another poll for Style Icon. All please Support uri Seungi. 🙂

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