14.07.17 CJ Hello Mobile Fan Meeting Fanpics 6 – Lee Seung Gi

“All the female employees in our office building came (to see Lee Seung Gi)…” 😆

source: naver blog via dclsg

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1 Response to 14.07.17 CJ Hello Mobile Fan Meeting Fanpics 6 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oi, Lee Seung Gy is so lovely and his manager is also handsome and bright as Lee Seung Gy. Lee Seung Gy not have atractive at first see as Lee Min Ho. But we will feel love Seung Gy when observe Oppa a long time. I not like style of Lee Min Ho. I like style of Lee Seung Gy & Denis Oh, style of men who are strong.manly.sexy.atractive. I think, a man is no need beautiful as flower. Anyway, It is difficult to have many men who are Smart.Clever.standard hight.Atractive Voice, generous, Act.Sing good. Wow, maybe my heart will stop, because this web more & more send Beautiful & Lovely pictures of Seung Gy. See more & more long, more & more love Lee Seung Gy. My colleagure in office Vietnam, say that This time I admire Lee Seung Gy long, because before I also like actors as : Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun,Yoo Ah In,Soong Joong Ki,Park Yoo Chun, Denis Oh,Jo In Sung, and actor act Dong Hae in Smile Dong Hae and Tahwan in Impress Ki. I must admire Korea movie industry, You have many actors who have shape.talent are very beautiful. Actors who I like, have same mark: they have standard hight, Eyes of them are very Atractive, act romance film very atractive. Among actors who I like, Lee Seung Gy is really very bright, a man who has many special marks. Very love oppa. I graduate 2 university, specialize Pharmacist & Chemistry, my think is old & deep, because I was born in 1979, rarely people make me admire as Lee Seung Gy. Hope, will watch and hear Many Film& Song which Lee Seung Gy act & sing.bye

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