KB Bank ‘SeungGi Love’ Branch, Part 2

KB Bank Jongam-dong Branch Manager: I love SeungGi too!

‘SeungGi Love’ Story:

The branch is named after both ‘SeungGi Creek’ that flowed through the location of ‘SeungGi Intersection’ in the old days and top star Lee Seung Gi who’s now the face of KB Bank.

Lee Seung Gi is cheering for the newly started ‘SeungGi Love’ branch to become KB Bank’s best brand-name branch!!

Lee Seung Gi

credit: lsgkwa
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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2 Responses to KB Bank ‘SeungGi Love’ Branch, Part 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    So it’s true that KB used both the location’s name and Seung Gi’s name for this new branch in Incheon. I love how KB said frankly like this, not like people use Seung Gi’s name for their brand so obviously (as the “hotteok Seung Gi”) but always tried so hard to deny it. About this KB branch “Seung Gi Love”, I can’t help but to be proud of him. It proves Seung Gi’s is definitely a true trustworthy star because it’s really difficult to death for any huge celebrity who is not a nation’s talented yet beloved athlete to be chosen as a CF model for KB Bank, while in this case, Seung Gi is not only chosen as KB CF model for many years in a row (since 2009) but his name is also used for their new branch’s name.

  2. Yes, seung is very cute.I feel very fun for Seung Gy.I not like man who beautiful as Flower, I like Health.Strong.Manly shape of Seung Gy. Have Seung Gy Health.Happy. Seung Gy must Image, not same as Scandal of Park Shi Hoo

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