14.06.15 YAAS Fan Event Photos – Lee Seung Gi

The message has been translated here.

Gifts for SeungGi and YAAS team:

source: leeseunggi.com

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8 Responses to 14.06.15 YAAS Fan Event Photos – Lee Seung Gi

  1. LSGi fan says:

    As always airens are the best 🙂
    how i miss daegu ❤
    seunggiya please have this hairstyle when u go to US. impress everyone there and come back. the only thing standing between ur handsomeness and you is your hairstylist. although i love ur perms but for US event leave it behind and go there
    im waiting for awesome fan accounts too 😀

    • impreza says:

      I agree with you about the perms. 🙂 The best hairstyle for him is a simple and natural hairstyle.

      • LSGi fan says:

        if he comes with the perms maybe the US airens should kidnap him and straighten his hair. lol. the only thing which worries me about seunggi is his hair. i know he can charm anyone with his talks. he is so handsome but his hair ruins it sometimes

  2. impreza says:

    Again I’m impressed with Airens.
    My personal experience with Korean Airens has left me very good memories. When I went to the Hope Concert last year I didn’t know where to get the poster of the concert since there was none left anywhere (it was one hour before the start). I had just met a very friendly fan who spoke English in front of the Heritory stand and she advised me to ask the fanclub if they could give me one. I thought they would refuse since I was not an Airen, however I still tried and asked them how much it would cost. But as soon as the girl understood what I was looking for, she began to search for one. She gave me a poster for free, saying that it was not the full poster (with the 4 photos) but one with a single shot and that I should come a little later because they might have the poster I wanted. She was very gentle.
    I couldn’t come to the stand again because I had to go inside the gymnasium. Since it was my first time at a Korean concert I was a bit nervous in case I made a mistake. I was touched to see that other fans made sure that I understood how everything worked (with the line, the ticket and so on).
    The poster was sealed with a beautiful stamp. Back in France, I opened it and realized that.. there were two posters inside!! Not only the one the girl had told me about but also the official poster, the one I wanted! It is now hanging proundly on the wall of my room, hehe. 🙂
    So yes, Seung Gi definitely has nice fans… 🙂

    • LSGi fan says:

      im actually very impressed and also grateful that korean airens are very nice. from all fan accounts i have read about them visiting korea for fan meetings or concerts i always read that korean fans try to ensure that international fans get to enjoy and leave korea fulfilled.
      some idol group korean fans are really proud and since they are korean they feel that they are abbove international fans. i read so many fan accounts like that where they believe they should be the ones standing close to the stars. so im thankful airens arent like that

  3. I think, although gift can be small, strong about mood for seung gy will be very big, will encourage seung gy more. Really, I rarely see Idols have many nice fan as Seung Gy. Both Seung Gy & fan are very Lovely.Have everyone happy.health

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