14.08.20 One Night’s TV Entertainment – Lee Seung Gi

*updated with HD video* English translation by AnnMichelle

Beautiful Young Man Lee Seung Gi

credit: sbsnow

source: dclsg, official fan cafe

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29 Responses to 14.08.20 One Night’s TV Entertainment – Lee Seung Gi

  1. AmelDD says:

    cute as always!!

    “SG & Ga-In are filming at a bus station in Digital Media City right now?!”

    sorry again, it’s not appropriate to ask here, isn’t Ga In (black eyed girl something like this?) the same he was rumored to date back in 2010?? Just asking because I’m curious!!

    • LSGi fan says:

      yeah it’s her but the rumor was fake

    • tsc says:

      Yeah, ga-in’s from the girl group brown eyed girls, they clarified it on strong heart that there’s nothing going on between them, just that they do go to the same hair salon. I saw a fanpic of seung gi filming with gain, probably a cameo role for the movie. Hope this helps.

      On another note, SGi looks amazing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but it was just unfounded rumor. More, Gain’s mother is Seung Gi’s fan too. She said her mother liked Seung Gi much that she even thought if her mother was the one who spread that rumor. lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      its just rumor a long ago. Ga In dating Joo Ji Hoon now. Oppa, im waiting for your movie. aawww, what kind of smile is that??hahaha, be happy! you happy, we are fans more than happy too kekeke 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s fabulous & charismatic. Nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu chuwayeo. Oppa Sarahayeo.

  3. wow, she’s Han Ga In?

  4. Ariana says:

    Bed scene?

  5. KalAi28 says:

    English subs please! Seung Gi really looks amazing… doesn’t he ever get tired? He looks gorgeous to the nth power! Seung Gi… Seung Gi…Seung Gi, why so cute????

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    Very briefly…
    Q: Why we’re here? The concept is?
    A: For CF shooting. The concept is cooking during a luxurious camping trip.
    Q: Getting into the water?
    A: Haven’t ventured to the outdoors in a long time…today’s weather’s not for that…
    Q: Your charm in the eyes of the advertisers?
    A: The ability to raise sales quickly perhaps.
    Q: Did they give you freebies?
    A: Yeah, such as rice cookers. We use it everyday to cook.
    Q: YAAS concluded over a month ago. Your injury?
    A: I was in a shock when that happened. Usually people got hurt in the eye or the surrounding area, but I was poked right in the center…(Q: the eyeball?) It’d be too dramatic to say eyeball, pupil!! The pupil got touched accurately…Now it’s completely recovered.
    Q: Do you cook yourself?
    A: I learned to cook a few years ago, and started practicing again recently.
    Q: When you were learning to cook, anyone in mind that you wanted to cook for?
    A: I know what kind of answer you were fishing for (smile) but then was not the time.
    Q: Your representative work?
    A: For variety it has to be 1N2D. I learned who I really was during 1N2D. I used to think I was quite clever. For albums, it’s You’re My Woman, because this song put me on the map. Dramas would be BL, MGIG, and YAAS.
    Q: SBS seems to be a big fan.
    A: I seem to work for SBS a lot.
    Q: You are close with the SBS president?
    A: Of course not. I don’t even know what he looks like.
    Q: What features you want your future son to inherit?
    A: My eyes? And the way I smile.
    Q: The moment you possess a strong heart?
    A: I can’t get on rides at all. Don’t feel I have a strong heart.
    Q: Memories you want to delete…
    A: I have lots of bad memories. Like X-Man. Really shameful. I cringed when I watched the old shows. I wanted to delete all those.
    Q: How’s Today’s Love?
    A: Today’s Love…(hesitating) All of a sudden I couldn’t remember the name of my own movie! Romantic comedy is the genre I really want to try. I like the director a lot and admire his works. And I am able to work with my drama partner Ms. Moon. Because I can work with all these nice people I feel very happy.
    Q: What if you received a 19 Restricted movie offer?
    A: I am not prepared for that. Perhaps no one wants to watch that either. I prefer not to receive those kind of offers.
    Q: Your image, upright and kind, does it give you burden?
    A: I have never tried to build that image. I always show who I really am to the public. If that’s a good image, then perhaps I am a good person (laugh).
    Q: Lee Seung Gi 10 years later…
    A: Just like now, working hard and continuing to make appearances on TV (smile).

  7. 4mel_green says:

    I can’t see cause is saying error.. tryp eonni please add another server .. pleasse.. 😦 😦
    Or can you send a link..

  8. That is right. Oppa Lee Seung Gy, I very like The Eyes of oppa, although eyes of oppa is not same eyes of Lee Min Ho. But I like eyes of oppa, eyes of oppa show Love very Good in romance scences. Oppa is an atractive man. Oppa is both Manly.sexy and Child. Oppa act in Comic Romance film is Nuumber 1. Oppa Lee Seung Gy only act Kiss.Hold scences, fan want Die alright, Oppa Lee Seung Gy act in 19 movie-certainly fan not live.only die. A man is Very Atractive.Sexy.Manly.Child, say Very Nice. Super Cute. Smile kill people

  9. leeseunggifan98forever says:

    oppa you really have a nice smile! i really like you because you are versatile. take care of your health oppa! iif you will have a child, i hope he gets your eyes and your smile! 😊 saranghae! 😘😘😘

  10. Anon says:

    Oh god he is so cute when he was like confused for a few seconds over the movie question.

  11. 4mel_green says:

    At the first time interview seunggi oppa look nervous….
    Geunndae.. oppa still look handsome manly geurigu sexxy…
    I hope your wish about your future child became true..
    Neommu neooommu neoommmuu kyopta..
    “Q: What if you received a 19 Restricted movie offer?
    A: I am not prepared for that. Perhaps no one wants to watch that either. I prefer not to receive those kind of offers.” I’am glad he does’nt have to do that..
    Uri seunggi oppa is still best of the best even like now..
    Manny Saranghae oppa FIGHTING.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. SayangSeunggi says:

    He’s soooo sweet!!!!

  13. ssviveka says:

    he is really Amazing!!!

  14. Krissylee21 says:

    still not ready for adult movies either esp if he’s in it! and probably I never will.. My heart was already crushed when he kissed suzy on gfb so long and so passionately. I cannot even watch it again.. LOL So great of seunggi for thinking about not doing the adult movie, he really is clever that people might not want it yet or maybe never. I guess we are all still into seunggi’s “cool & good boy image ” :))

  15. Lia Yunandar says:

    Almost a year they were dating…..why oh why there is no more photo about them together.not even one…. I wanna see Oppa and Yoona’s picture together in real life.I’m sure their fans will not be upset,They are really cute couple.

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