14.08.24 Lee Seung Gi prepares gifts for fans

Banana milk with handwritten messages:

source: weibo

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9 Responses to 14.08.24 Lee Seung Gi prepares gifts for fans

  1. blueranma10 says:

    Oohhh, suddenly I missed Daegu and Soosun.. ❤

  2. rahmaaairen says:

    what does he write?? someone translate into english please.. ^^

  3. yuly pradines says:

    Cuándo podremos compartir contigo aquí en latino america,aca en chile tienes muchas seguidoras sin contar los otros paises Perú , Panamá, argentina, Venezuela ,puerto rico ,colombia , mexico soñamos con ir a un concierto tuyo no nos ,,,,,olvides

  4. Vietnamese fans says:

    Love him and his sincere. He wrote difference messages for each banana milk (not the same for all) by himself. Thank you, Seung Gi ! 💖

  5. leeseunggifan98forever says:

    so sweet oppa. you really made effort to write different letters for each banana milk! thanks, seung gi oppa! mwah 😘😍☺️

  6. ywlovesg says:

    Customized messages from Seunggi Seunggi. Daebak!!!!

  7. omuraiisu says:

    O.. my, he’s so sweeeet.. ❤
    it has DaeGu DaeGu feeling.. and it also remind me about "Return" MV when the boy (as young SeungGi) give milk with handwritten message too..

  8. Sarah says:

    SWEET ❤ ❤ ❤ his handwriting is really pretty ❤

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