14.07.17 Hello Mobile Fan Meet Photos 2 – Lee Seung Gi

The fan meeting’s MC posted a few more pictures. He said SeungGi’s height and looks were incredible, and the international fans gathering from all over Asia to see SeungGi were also incredible. The MC was charmed by SeungGi, but he said SeungGi told him after the FM that he was charmed (by the MC) as well. They worked well together.

credit: mcmaster777

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2 Responses to 14.07.17 Hello Mobile Fan Meet Photos 2 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. That is right. Seung gy has a standard height, atractive.manly.sexy body, face is lovely same as child, smile with dimple very cute. Seung gy say very charming, his voice is sweet and warm. A woman who is talent and beautiful same as Go So Young of Jang Dong Gun, is just wife of Seung Gy. More and more look seung gy, more and more see Handsome and Manly. Eyes of Seung Gy in romance scences, very Beautiful

  2. amy says:

    im so agree with the MC. i really want to see him in real life ><

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