14.11.09 Video message from Lee Seung Gi

SeungGi thanks fans for their incredible support of the movie:

source: leeseunggi.com

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36 Responses to 14.11.09 Video message from Lee Seung Gi

  1. Poply says:

    Thank you and to all ariens☺️for share this☺️ Aww so sweet from him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    죄송하지만 공홈 아이렌존 영상은 팬들만 보는 비공개 영상으로 알고 있습니다… 삭제 부탁드릴께요~

    • Teak says:

      I disagree. Why Seung Gi’s fans cannot see this video? I know that many international fans, while NOT official 6th members, have contributed to fan events to show support for him. To spread Seung Gi love, your position should be to spread his message, not restricting it.

      • Anonymous says:

        but i remember seung gi once said that we can’t spread anything from official website/airen zone outside cmiiw~ should we respect him or not? i’m confused also hehe..but i choose to respect him hehe…

        • Teak says:

          When did he say that? In what context? Did you ask him about this message? Especially this message is about giving thanks to Airens who have shown support for his movie.

          • Anonymous says:

            hehe calm down baby, that’s why i wrote “cmiiw” (cos if not mistaken when he uploded his pics when he was in new zealand, he said that his pics that he uploaded on airen zone, can’t be shared outside, yeah i know different context lol)…tbh i’m confused also which one we can share or which one we can’t~ hehe…should be uploaded on first page of homepage not on airenzone if he/official fc wants to share with all lol~ hhh nvm, i dunno lol~

        • Teak says:

          All those support proof shots went public. With official fan club logo. That’s no problem right.

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly, this video’s content doesn’t have anything that much secretly so I think it’d better to share with any international Airens whether they’re official Airen 6 or not, to spread the love for nobody than Seung Gi and Airen fanclub’s great activities. Don’t you think the thing Seung Gi gets a bit less much fans compared to other stars do despite of how respect and lovely yet talent he is might also start from one of the unnecessary strictly restricted things like this?

    • blueranma10 says:

      why?because some are not official members yet, they aren’t called Airen?

  3. ㅇㅇ says:

    죄송하지만 공홈 아이렌존 영상은 비공개로 알고 있습니다… 삭제 부탁드릴께요~

    • dramaaddict says:

      If you are Korean and an official airen you should translate what SG said in the video. There are many ardent fans here that don’t know Korean and rely on Tryp’s blog for more information and projects of SG.
      From my very very limited Korean, SG is inviting all(official airens or non official airens) to watch his first movie so why this video can’t be circulated. My impression is more fans whether official airens or non official airens are invited to watch the movie and the more the merrier.
      I think SG would be impressed if a non official airen and non korean watch this movie.

  4. lovelyseunggi says:

    Tryp unnie.. Is it ok to share the video in our seunggi’s thread in soompi?? So some Airens will be able to watched the video.. Please reply.. A big thanks..

  5. tryp96 says:

    I do respect SeungGi’s wishes, that’s why I’ve never reposted any pictures/videos he shared on the homepage. But as for the contents in Airen Zone, which is a space for fans to communicate among themselves, I think they are fair game for reposting, AND they have been reposted widely. So why is this video different?

    • AnnMichelle says:

      You are right. I have seen this video on many other portals. Fair is fair. And if anyone has good judgement as to what can be shared or not, it’s you, dear Tryp.

    • lovelyseunggi says:

      Tryp unnie.. Actually I shared this video yesterday @ SeungGi’s thread on soompi… As soon as I saw you posted here..but, I read on a twitter that this will not be shared, that’s why I deleted it last night.. I don’t want to make you in a bad position.( coz I always rely you in all our seunggi’s news .. I always thank you for that. ).that’s why I ask you last night if it’s ok to share this.. I think it’s fair enough to the non-official Airen to watched his message..( like like me and some international fans )..

      Thank you unnie to all your hard work.. Fighting..

  6. airen says:

    Thanks a million for sharing this tryp, & giving us the privilege of looking at his gorgeous face. Really means alot, Just looking at him like dat gets me teary eyed, I know ppl say only airen6 are supposed to watch it but i dont see the reason why, the video is worth watching for all, for it shows SeungGi’s sincerity & love for airens. Love him a million times!♡

  7. tryp96 says:

    Reading LSGSingapore’s tweets, I finally realized why there’s such a commotion over this video. LOL I guess someone who’s not even welcome on this blog just can’t stay away from it.

    How can I make this any more clear?

    First of all, Airen Zone is a space for fans. SeungGi never posts there. Things from Airen Zone get reposted ALL over the internet ALL the time, so what exactly is different about this particular video that makes it off limits?

    In the video, SeungGi thanked ALL the fans for supporting the movie, not just Airen 6 members. There were 8 support events held by various Airen fan groups over the last 3 months. Was the last one held by the official fan club the only one good enough to be thanked? Were Airen 6 members the only ones who donated money or helped organize the support events? I do not think so.

    So why can’t the non-Airen 6 members get to watch and listen to SeungGi’s message of thanks?

    • Annonymous says:

      ok this is just ridiculous now. Did i miss something???!!! The same person who called people shameful and attention seeking for uploading the video from Airen Zone… also uploaded the video to youtube, which was circulating on twitter. Seunggi’s video on twitter that showed up first in searching for Seunggi belonged to that same person b/c when I clicked over to original youtube channel, thinking it belonged to tryp96, it belonged to that person. So someone explain to me why there’s a problem with sharing the video?

    • KalAi28 says:

      Well said Tryp. We all love Seung Gi and I know that that message is intended for all Airens. We can see that he is so happy in the video and so proud of his Airens, so overwhelmed with all the fans’ support!…

      Can’t thank you enough Tryp! That’s why I love you so much!!! Thank you… thank you! ❤

    • ISEE says:

      Not to mention at the end of the video, Seung Gi asks us to go watch his movie when it comes out, as he believes he’s done a great job and is so proud of it. I am so happy for him and will do my best to spread the words about this movie even though my chance of watching it at a movie theater is kind of low (though I am going to try!)

  8. Anonymous says:

    The video you have recently posted is only for official Airen. The source of that video is Airen Notice, and it means it is forbidden to deliver it to other site, for example twitter, facebook and so on.That is Seunggi’s request on his “From Seunggi”. It is NOT neccessary for all the people to share his video, sometimes it is needed for only official Airen to share his voice and smile.
    So I request you to delete your posting.

    • ISEE says:

      Well, in this particular video, it is NECESSARY for all the people to share, because he asks ALL to support his movie! He also thanks ALL the people who have participated in the fan support events.

    • blueranma10 says:

      I’m sorry girls if i have to say it here..I think it’s a bit selfish if this video won’t be shared to some fans that are not yet official members..it is for all the fans..there are things that for members, I get that..but what about the non-members like me who haven’t got time (like my case, money) who wants to see Seunggi..I don’t see the point of deleting this video..and Tryp, you go girl!!thank you!!

    • Calbee says:

      Who are you to command and demand? Are you my oppa, Lee Seung Gi? I only listen to him.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The video you have recently posted is only for official Airen. The source of that video is Airen Notice, and it means it is forbidden to deliver it to other site, for example twitter, facebook and so on. That is Seunggi’s request on his “From Seunggi”. It is NOT neccessary for all the people to share his video, sometimes it is needed for only official Airen to share his voice and smile.
    So I request you to delete your posting.

    • blueranma10 says:

      so non members are not called Airen?

    • Calbee says:

      Seung Gi said this

      P.S. Also, I have something to ask of all of you. It is true that me, Lee Seung Gi, currently does not have a personal twitter, metoday, or a mini-hompage. Therefore, please do not mistake me for twitters, metodays, or mini-homepages using the name “Lee Seung Gi” as those belong to other persons…^^
      Also, in order to have a lively and active official homepage, I ask you to make it a rule not to take out any of the published photos from this site!!!! I only ask this of you. ㅋ
      To commemorate this homepage opening, please do me this favor…^^
      Again, thank you one more time~


      Got mention video? Please ask Seung Gi to tell us this video is for Airen6 only and not ALL fans.

  10. Bee says:

    Hi typ96, since I change my email can you email LSG to my new email. beevang29@gmail.com

  11. Seunggi loves ALL Airen :) says:

    Troll, please go away n stop wasting ur time and our time. We will continue to spread the video n show off his thanks and appreciation to ALL HIS FANS.
    There is only 1 reason to share the video- to share his love n heart-felt thanks to Airens 🙂
    Nobody here will believe that Seunggi only meant for membership-paying Airen6 to receive his words of thanks.

  12. seunggicharm says:

    Wow.. I am totally shocked by these people asking to delete the video. I agree with the rest of the people here that this should be shared by ALL fans non official or official. Seung Gi has thousands of fans all over the world and not all are official members but we all share the love and support towards him. So why be selfish and make things up like this???

    Tryp eonni, please shed some light to us. Are fans who are not members of the official fan club not to be called Airen?? just asking.. whew.. and thanks for uploading the video and sharing it to all.. it’s all about sharing and spreading good vibes and love among his fans.. ^^

  13. Yon says:

    As what tryp has mentioned in the comments section, when SGi thanks all fans, it means to Airen6 members and non-members, if tryp do not share this video how are the non-members going to know that SGi has thanked them as well?

    Secondly, SGi has asked all the fans to support his first movie, so does it means that only Airen6 can watch the movie since this video is for Airen6 members only(as per the person who asked tryp to delete the video?).. if that is the case, i’m worried for the box office..

    i understand that there are photos are not ok to share because that is something that the official members are entitled to. But videos, especially for this one which is a thank you video, it should not be restricted. that is my opinion….

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