Lee Seung Gi, Kill Me Heal Me casting fell through

*updated with Hook’s response*

Actor Lee Seung Gi’s appearance on MBC new drama Kill Me Heal Me fell through.

According to a few broadcast insiders on December 2, Lee Seung Gi received the offer of the male lead, but after reviewing it, the casting eventually fell through.

The insiders said it was mostly due to schedule conflict. Lee Seung Gi’s first movie Today’s Love is about to be released next month [so he’ll be busy promoting the movie.]


A Hook official told Newsen, “We did discuss Lee Seung Gi’s appearance on Kill Me Heal Me, but reached the final decision of not accepting the offer. It’s a good project, and we were interested, but it overlaps with his movie schedule, and it’s difficult to accommodate.”

source: starnews via nate, newsen via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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40 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, Kill Me Heal Me casting fell through

  1. mel says:

    I can’t say I’m not a bit relieved. Just had bad feelings about it. It felt it’s way too quick, I’m not totally sold on the writer and I want him to be able to properly promote his first movie and not be so overworked.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Hook. I think Hook actually heard the Korean Airens’ opinions this time.
    Good job, Seung Gi ya, you deserves better.

  3. MyOneandOnly says:

    Hook u made a right decision 😀

  4. blueranma10 says:

    Awww I was actually looking forward for this kind of role..it’s ok..go baby seunggi, waiting for your movie!

  5. ssviveka says:

    i felt sudden disappointment inside.i was hoping to see him often via drama. it’s ok. he knows best for him. Waiting for you next project 🙂

  6. JR says:

    I do agree with Hook and Lee Seung Gi for turning down the offer because I don’t want him to push himself too much. He just finish his movie filming and expected to come out with new album so I think both Lee Seung Gi and Hook made a good decision. Also I don’t have confidence KMHM can win the time slot against Jekyll Hide. I don’t know why, it just my personal instinct. Nevermind, Lee Seung Gi will be in a better drama, better script, better character, better drama partner in the future perhaps around Mac and above ^^ Always pray for Lee Seung Gi success ^^

  7. It’s a wise decision I think. Seunggi already had so many in his plate right now. And after a drama and a movie, I’m pretty sure he wants to get back to his music, not too mention his studies. Another drama right away after this hectic year is just too much I suppose. I’m happy Seunggi and Hook are not opportunists who just grab whatever offer come in their way.

  8. becks says:

    oh, although the plot sounds interesting and challenging for seunggi, I guess it can’t be helped.
    Now, can’t he just do a variety show after completing movie’s promotion. I like him the best in variety.

  9. impreza says:

    Good. It was a crazy schedule + so-so female lead + too risky to go against Hyun Bin and Han Jimin. I hope for a new drama of course but a little later.

    • 2222222o says:

      sorry but we should evaluate people with their talented you should watching this actress before evaluating her i know that hyun bin is a big star but still not legend he can’t stop a good drama from success i don’t consider lee seung gi less successful than him

      • impreza says:

        It’s still risky, especially since it’s HB’s come-back. And since it is also a character with multiple personalities. About the actress I don’t know her but she doesn’t seem experienced at all compared to Seunggi. Anyway, you’re just trying to pick on me for nothing. He has declined and there is certainly more than one reason for that.

        • seunggifan says:

          Exactly, totally agree with impreza. Although lee seung gi is really experienced, I don’t think it’s the right time to take up another drama. He needs rest too… well to be honest, hyun bin and han ji min make a better couple than lee seung gi and lim ji yeon since we don’t really know how well she acts since she only debuted with her first movie. Seung gi should really work with an experienced actress to gain more experience himself and not keep “babysitting” others.

    • Seagreen says:

      To impreza and seunggifan,
      I have NO DOUBT that Seung Gi would do very well against ANY competitor. He cannot take this project because of his busy schedule and tight timing. Period.

      • april says:

        THANK YOU Seagreen, I believe All the Airens agreed

      • impreza says:

        I think your statement is demagogic.By taking such a stance, you alter the meaning of what I said. In my first message, I dropped the 3 reasons why I was relieved that he would not take the project eventually. I mentioned his rival on the slot because it is important. Every star and every producer is curious who their direct rival is on a tv slot or on a release date. That’s why sometimes movie releases are postponed by a few weeks, because the competition is too similar for example, forcing the audience to make a choice between the 2 movies, instead of watching both. All actors know who their rivals are, who is offered the same roles, and they know who is a threat and who’s not. When You’re All Surrounded was airing, there was no actor of HB’s caliber on the other channels. By caliber I mean someone who had the chops AND consecutive hits on the small screen (and the big screen in HB’s case). In the same vein, you cannot honestly assert that top actors would be perfectly fine to have a drama against Kim Soo Hyun these days, it would be unrealistic.
        Think of the drama world as a stock exchange market: all actors have a value on the market, a value including several parameters (talent, age, recent success, attractiveness towards a certain audience, ability to sell ads..). Therefore it’s a fluctuating value. In fact, it’s someone working in Hollywood who taught me that a few years ago (he was working for a big star).
        I think I’ve voiced numerous times how fond I am of Seunggi’s acting, and how much I bet on him as an actor. So I find a bit annoying that you try to rewrite history and make me appear as someone I’m not. I think he dropped it because of his busy schedule and certainly other reasons that we don’t know about (and don’t need to know).

        • Seagreen says:

          Here are some facts:
          1. Slot wise, KMHM would premier weeks before the other drama you so worry about.
          2. Plot wise, KMHM’s concept was announced long ago, and then the other drama suddenly came up with a similar concept.
          3. “Consecutive” hits? The movie of the actor in question might appear to do okay attendance wise but it just cleared its break-even point. That means the production got its investment back and that’s it. Very little profit. (Some questioned if the production company deliberately mis-stated the break-even point to make the number look better than it actually did.) Review wise, I did not watch the movie but have not heard too many good things about it. Also check the actor’s drama list. Hits, yes. But many misses as well.
          4. You seem to be confused about quality and popularity. I cringe every time people compare Seung Gi with some currently popular stars. You can voice your opinion. But consider this is a blog for Seung Gi, I question your judgement, and your taste. No one, I stress, no one can guarantee if a drama would be popular. In Seung Gi’s case, I know for sure that he will work hard for his project, thus making it an enjoyable one, if for his performance alone. Saying this here seems to be singing to the choir, but considering you are so keen to do advertisements for other actors, I might as well do some for Seung Gi.

          • impreza says:

            You’re a very pretentious person who likes to pick fights. I explained my point of view and concerns, you can try to rewrite it your way, it doesn’t matter. I don’t like the way you’re talking to me like some self-proclaimed guru who feels entitled to comment my “judgement and taste”. You are just a fan like me, keep this in mind.

  10. SayangSeunggi says:

    I think this is a good decision,seunggi really need a rest after his pack schedule before this..i support you no matter what your decision seunggi yah!!..only you knows what is best for you so what next?i really anticipating the Singer Seunggi..please make comeback with new album Seunggi yah!!

  11. Omuraiisu says:

    ahh.. it’s disappoint I can’t see 7 different SeungGi.. but big relieve..
    Hope he can have a bit rest more and focus for his another plans..
    Movie, album, concert.. and a bit variety maybe (hope the 3 meals a day appearance will be true).
    Daebak wishes for 2015 Lee SeungGi !! SeungGi-ah.. Airen.. Fighting!!

  12. jhonggi93 says:

    thats why i really love u..u always know whats best for you…..kree after ur movie do new album and concert for your ktizens then after do last drama b4 u go to ms…for the I-tizen hakhakhakhak bcoz we international fans have no luck to go to ur concert so waiting for drama online..to see u every week..(sigh)….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Huh, I saw people on DC drama are blaming and spreading this was the result from Seung Gi’s ajuma fans’ power. They said Seung-ajumas on Dclsg and Daum against Seung Gi receiving this drama, mostly because of the female lead Lim Ji Yeon and finally Hook and Seung Gi considered it properly by denied it at the very end. It was true that after the casting news about the female lead came out, people could see the Korean Airen fandoms’ situation was like chaos with mixed feelings that wanted to cry out, however, whether this rumor’s true or not, I see this decision is really a win-win for both Seung Gi and Airens since at the end of the day Seung Gi still deserves better.

    • Anonymous says:

      But Lim Ji Yeon is out too, even if SeungGi still act in this drama, the co-star will not be her.

      • Anonymous says:

        No one knew it was turned out like this today since at that time, the production said as if Lim Ji Yeon mostly confirmed Seung Gi did recieved the offer, even on an article about PPL and an interview article yesterday about the Chinese production, they still mentioned Seung Gi as the official main lead too. But despite of that, not only the Korean Airens but some reporters too, they mentioned about Lim Ji Yeon with questionable words that she did not match with Seung Gi’s star level in this big drama project. I didn’t know how reliable the againsted rumor was, but it was fact that the fans in Kfandom didn’t want Seung Gi to take this drama after the female lead casting news came out, or on the other word we could say that they wanted Seung Gi to drop this drama if LJY was really the female lead. Of course it was just one of the main reasons Kfans want Seung Gi to drop it, the rest was from Seung Gi’s heavy schedules on early next year, they also worried this dead schedule would affect bad to Seung Gi’s health as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          They released the not-doing statement for both lead today. I think if the reason mainly because of the co-star, production team could re-negotiate again before this article was released. Anyway, since SeungGi is not doing this project anymore I’ll move on.

    • mel says:

      I doubt it’s totally fan power, but also legitimate scheduling conflicts as well. The movie is the PD’s comeback after 5 years and SG filmed it for so long so he should be able to give the promotion his full attention. This drama starts in a month and supposedly has overseas filming. It’s just not possible. It’s his first movie as well and if he was pressed to pick he had to pick the movie.

      I’m not hating on Lim Ji Yeon, but if people had to give up singer Seunggi’s comeback, and shortened movie promo I think they wanted a better costar, better writer and a better drama in general that wasn’t going to be so rushed. I know that’s what I felt anyway.

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course not totally since the final decision still belonged to Seung Gi/Hook’s, as they said, finally Hook and Seung Gi considered it properly. Just considered it properly. But who knows, it might be one of the reasons.

    • wien says:

      agree, we just want the best for him.. gosh, that ‘Seung-jumma’ things really annoys me.. do we, i-netz, need to write down our age just to show that SG has a lots of younger fans too..???

      • mel says:

        Ikr, I’m pretty sure it’s derogatory way to talk about Airens so not sure why it’s being repeated here

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know why you think ‘Seung-juma’ is that annoyed. It is a famous and familiar phrase to mention about how big and power Seung Gi’s fandom in Korea, even the reporters use it too. Nowadays the Knets can call anyone’s ajuma fans as xxx-juma in shortly, but only the ‘Seung-juma’ is recognised by the the general Korean public as a power yet positive fan-force, it’s a pride word, just the haters mock it because of being over jealous.

        • wien says:

          oh really? my bad, sorry.. now i get that.. but for younger i-fans who don’t know much like me, the ‘Seung-jumma’ title sounds like SG doesn’t have much teenage fans.. 😦 don’t get me wrong, i respect our dearest ahjumma Airen, i just don’t like the stereotype that SeungGi only famous among ahjumma.. 😦

          • Anonymous says:

            Being that famous among ajummas/mom fans such as Seung Gi is really a dream that all Kstars want to be since they are considered as the most power fan source on almost everything. Or as they say, beloved by Korean ajummas = mostly be confirmed at top tier star level and also be able to get top class/ home products endorsements as CF model. No only that, to be beloved by K-ajumma make a star remain his/her high popular status in a long time than ever since teenagers/young fans are well-known as the ones who change their favourite stars easily and quickly due to the trend.

  14. babygirl says:

    I agree to Hook (KMHM it’s a good project). if he accepting the offer this DEC & Jan he’ll be busy filming oversea and he unable to promoting his movies ( o my god KMHM how to kill two birds in one time )
    Seung gi ya, this is not the right time it’s Ok ..Fighting Fighting !!!

  15. wien says:

    agree, we just want the best for him.. gosh, that ‘Seung-jumma’ things really annoys me.. do we, i-netz, need to write down our age just to show that SG has a lots of younger fans too..???

  16. seunggifan says:

    Phew hook you really made a good decision!!

  17. Estella Velasco says:

    I am very happy to hear Seung Gi turned down this role. After seeing the trailer on “Obsession” – it is too out of character for our innocent one. If I was Seung Gi, and came to the point where the actors kiss, I would burst out laughing. I am sure Seung Gi has seen the trailer. Seung Gi is level-headed, true to his goals, and keeps his promises to his fans. Maybe this will give him an opportunity to perform a concert. ev

    • scbound says:

      LOL, I have been waiting for someone to mention her last role. I did wonder if it would be risky for his dramas success with her cast, not because of her lack of a resume so to speak but because the her last role is so recent and it left nothing to the imagination. I am not sure how accepting the average korean drama watcher would be of her just yet and image is everything there. I watched the movie just to get a look at her and see what I thought.

      I actually thought I may like her along side him, she carries herself with a maturity and
      sophistication SO LACKING in his last 2 drama females. For me personally I like to see him with someone like that.

      This drama did produce all kinds of red flags, but at the same time I was looking forward to Seung Gi taking on another challenging role and NAILING IT. to shut up all the naysayers.

      I am along for all his adventures and support his choices no matter what.

  18. ayhu wahyuni says:

    we always pray the best for Oppa , Oppa we will always support that , whatever decision we AIREN hope what was decided HOOK and Oppa is the best #fighting_Oppa :-*

    2014-12-02 17:38 GMT+08.00, Everything Lee Seung Gi

  19. Lydia Vanessa says:

    I must say that I feel both relieve and also a little disappointed. Relieved because I think this Drama was no good for him, is kind of a vibe I’m talking about, but I felt that this was not right for Him, no doubts about his talent (HE IS AWESOME!), but this Drama had no good vibes for Him period. The disappointment came because I can’t wait to see him again since You are all Surrounded and for the overseas Airens is not that fast or easy to get to the movie(until the movie is available for buying), so the Drama would help the waiting. But I am confident, we are all going to see him in a Drama in 2015, hope it will be soon, we would just had to wait (CRAZY WAITING) but for Seung Gi, it’s worth the waiting. .

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