Lee Seung Gi… Male★ expected to enlist

Why do they use SeungGi’s name in the headline when there are lots of people older than him who haven’t enlisted yet?

First of all, the ‘Nation’s UmChinAh’ who has captivated not only teenage fangirls but also ajumma fans, singer/actor Lee Seung Gi is about to enlist in 2015. His agency said, “The exact date for his enlistment is not set yet,” but most people predict that it’ll be no later than the first half of the year.

source: donga via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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20 Responses to Lee Seung Gi… Male★ expected to enlist

  1. JR says:

    I hope Lee Seung Gi will had one new drama, one new album with hits killer song/songs before his enlistment. I also hope Lee Seung Gi will receive his scroll for master graduation before his enlistment. Lastly, I pray for a daebak success perhaps hits 10 million for his debut movie, Today’s Love ^^ Always pray for Lee Seung Gi success ^^

  2. jhonggi93 says:

    the nightmare of my life is next in line huhuhuhu….so early for him to go aissssstttt…..but i know he is very much willing to go early….seunggiyah take care just finish your movie..album …concert…and last drama then go hahahha a selfish side of me…i cant help it…i really love him the only kpop who captured my full attention in korea…..

  3. paytonlee says:

    saddest news ever. ill wait for u seunggi..

  4. ssviveka says:

    After read this news,I felt Emptiness now itself.

  5. snowflakes says:

    …because he is popular? 🙂 I take the fact that the reporter chose to put him first is because we’ll miss him the most when he enlists 😀 great, now I’m sad 😦

  6. mel says:

    I’m prepared for it. It sucks he’s gets so much pressure for it when people who are older still haven’t enlisted, though I guess it does speak of his popularity and upstanding image that people expect more from him than others.

    I know all fans will wait and I look forward to the next step in his life after MS. 😀 I’m going to cherish the time we have left before he goes.

  7. dramaaddict says:

    Tryp, this is plain jealousy and to those; one less person to compete for 2 years. When SG is at his present level of popularity, well-liked and loved by everyone, everyone is speculating his every move and they just can’t leave him alone. 😛
    Personally, I would like SG to get his MS off his shoulders soon since it is mandatory. No offence everyone.

  8. ritz says:

    why aren’t people curious when Lee min ho Kim Hyun joong Jang gaeun suk enlisting..as far as I know they are of same age as oppa…whatever I feel totally empty n my tears are not stopping…I feel by thought that there would be no oppa for 2yrs..I know it’s not immediate yet it feels horrible…let time take his turn..all I can say to u oppa do a concert n bring out beautiful album so that we can survive for 2yrs n drama if Ur health permit then only..in meanwhile I will work super hard so that I can be there for u when u come back…Fighting oppa..!! Tryp I sincerely hope that this blog to be recognized by oppa someday…u r the best..:)

  9. ritz says:

    ahh somebody plz stop my tears….sorry for rambling but can’t help…nobody will understand my situation better than u fellow AIRENs:'(

  10. MyOneandOnly says:

    Why they used seunggi’s name tho… Seunggiya what should I do 😥 im gonna miss u so much 😥 I hope he can release his long awaited album before enlisting. Idk but I don’t want him to do any other drama. And please .. his 10th anniversary concert

  11. blueranma10 says:

    it really amazes me that they release this story, just when his movie is about to come out..geez..this peeps are…….grrrrrrr…anyway, Seunggi baby, i’ll wait for you!!

  12. impreza says:

    I don’t know how to take this. There are articles like that all the time, and many times it doesn’t happen so soon. There is the example of the 2 JYJ Yoochun and Jaejoong, born in 1986, who were supposed to enlist by the end of 2014. And now we learn that they will both star in new dramas… So I think until an official announcement is made.. we don’t know;
    I’d be very sad if I couldn’t go to Seunggi’s concert again before he enlists. And I wish he could do a new drama. But from what I’ve observed, enlistment can happen all of a sudden. It’s confusing to us.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It hurts a lot just thinking about this. But personally I want him to go so he can be back in no time. But please, Seung gi yah leave us with a song, a concert and lots of Cf so ders something to keep us company. We will missssss u a lot for sure!
    I don’t think SG will leave us just like that. Wait till he leaves a message at the official site, a long heartfelt message… that’s probably the time. **sobbing**

  14. dhedi29 says:

    I tried to console myself that it’s ok, the earlier he go to MS the earlier he can come back to us. But my heart still in pain.. Gonna miss Seunggiah a lot..

  15. aisyazurina says:

    seunggi yahh…. I will wait for you patiently…. even my country paper highlight “Seunggi masuk askar 2015” means Seunggi going to army 2015….

  16. Erika says:

    I think they’re using SeungGi’s name in the headline to attract more readers. Everyone seems interested in everything SeungGi. So, looking at the positive side… this means that they believe uri SeungGi can attract more readers than the older ones. 🙂 SeungGi yah, fighting!!

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