Lee Seo Jin joins Running Man filming… Running with Lee Seung Gi & Moon Chae Won

According to some entertainment broadcast insiders, Lee Seo Jin is participating in Running Man’s filming on December 9. He’s expected to join the leading actors of the movie ‘Love Forecast’, Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won who had started filming Running Man earlier.

One insider said Lee Seo Jin was expected to join Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won and the regular members of Running Man in a race that would take place in Incheon and other places on December 9.

This episode will be broadcast in early January.

[So if SeungGi has been filming Running Man for 2 days in a row, just like he did in 2012, does it mean 2 weeks of broadcast as well?! 😀 ]

source: tvreport, starnews via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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5 Responses to Lee Seo Jin joins Running Man filming… Running with Lee Seung Gi & Moon Chae Won

  1. Anonymous says:

    because our seung gi is the best, better see him 2 weeks in a row!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tryp, do you hear anything about Seung Gi’s concert? Wasn’t it supposed to be held on Jan.10th&11th next year?
    It it’s true so hopefully the last year’s broadcasting incident will not happened again, wish they will not broadcast Running Man on the same day with Seung Gi’s concert day.

  3. HopesDD says:

    I adore Midea Hyung, he seems to care a lot about SG, doing a cameo while he’ve been away from the movie scene, and joining RM as well.
    I hope it’s 2 weeks broadcast *praying so hard* they should make use of the variety magnet they conquered! I truely wish rattings skyrocked just like in 2012.
    I think his concert will be held later in 2015, it’s just a feeling, maybe he’ll hold it days before he goes? I think it’d be better and more memorable this way!

  4. babygirl says:

    Hahaha !!!! Hook L & L *** LOVE ***

  5. ssviveka says:

    Hopefully we can see him 2 weeks. Good news. Today totally myday. Thank you Tryp 🙂

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