Love Forecast PD “Lee Seung Gi is like a gumiho with 99 tails”

Building up his filmography as a successful actor who has drawn both rating success and issues in every drama he starred in, Lee Seung Gi makes an impressive big-screen debut with Director Park Jin Pyo’s 1st romance movie of 2015, “Love Forecast.”

In “Love Forecast,” a romance movie for the present-day men and women who struggle with ‘some’ relationship, Lee Seung Gi plays stuffy guy JoonSoo who can’t even go 100 days without getting dumped even though he gives the girls whatever they want. Director Park Jin Pyo praised him, “I wanted to share a first of actor Lee Seung Gi [his 1st movie]. He’s like a gumiho with 99 tails. He’s close to being a hardworking-type prodigy; he comes after a lot of practice and effort, and works things out on the set while having fun.”

There’s a lot of attention focused on whether or not Lee Seung Gi, who shows on the screen his acting maturity built up from long-time acting experience while digesting the character JoonSoo’s in-depth emotions with his reliable acting, can captivate audiences and become a next-generation actor representing the movie industry.

source: newsen via nate
English translation:

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9 Responses to Love Forecast PD “Lee Seung Gi is like a gumiho with 99 tails”

  1. dramaaddict says:

    Teacher JoonSoo, I would not dump you before 100 days. Instead I would keep you forever. You have chosen the the wrong type of gals. lol
    Agree with PD, SG is a very focused guy and excel in everything.

  2. MyOneandOnly says:

    The real gumiho ♥,♥

  3. jhonggi93 says:

    wooooowwwww very true…i may not see him or know him personally but i can feel that he really have a good personality….to be honest i have only two actors that i admire in this world one from my country and lee seung gi..for your movie seunggiyah congratulations in advance….keep it up….

  4. ssviveka says:

    Love him more and more 🙂 seunggi effect.

  5. genie says:

    ” a hardworking-type prodigy” it’s actually high praise from a famous PD

  6. 2222222o says:

    the plot seems really good unlike the trailer anyway all the best

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