Omorovicza appoints actor Lee Seung Gi as exclusive model

Belport announced on December 24 that actor Lee Seung Gi has been appointed as the exclusive CF model for Hungary’s thermal water mineral cosmetics ‘Omorovicza’.

Lee Seung Gi will become active as Omorovicza’s CF model starting next January. As cosmetics made with Hungary’s thermal water, 16 Omorovicza products including mist, cream, essence and etc. are currently sold at Belport stores.

Belport explains, “We expect that Lee Seung Gi’s classy and trustworthy image can convey very well Omorovicza’s quality and premium value, that’s why we’ve chosen him as the model.”

source: hankyung via nate
English translation:

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8 Responses to Omorovicza appoints actor Lee Seung Gi as exclusive model

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just do a research and see this
    OMG, Omorovicza’s a luxury brand, the price about over 100USD to 400USD per product. Now I already know why they said about women in their 40s for the reason choosing Seung Gi as their CF model while they also have Kim Woo Bin as one of their brand’s CF model. It’s the Seung Gi-effect among ajummas!
    Not meaning anything but just a comparison for the reason Seung Gi being chosen as Omorovicza’s CF model. This’s the brand with Kim Woo Bin’s CF model, Bottega Verde, with the price is about 8USD to 40USD per product:

    • blueranma10 says:

      Whoa! That’s one expensive brand..woot!

    • impreza says:

      It’s interesting. So you’re saying that Kim Woo Bin is representing a more ‘mainstream’ (affordable) brand while Seung Gi is the model for the luxury brand. This brand obviously has very good taste with its models..

  2. MyOneandOnly says:

    What a smart move they did by choosing him 😀 fighting!

  3. Anonymous says:

    congrats seunggi….i agree to them he is trustworthy and have good image..another success product to be model of him hehehehe…

  4. airen says:

    DAEBAK!! SeungGi’s last cosmetic endorsement was The Saem, right tryp??

  5. HopesDD says:

    Congrats our babe ^^ proud of you as always. Who whouldn’t chose him? If they want to sell something people would buy without doubt, they to appoint Seung Gi.

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