Love Forecast Lee Seung Gi rides Gyro Drop 37 times in a row despite fear of heights

It took 3 days to complete the Gyro Drop scene, and SeungGi filmed it without using a body double despite his fear of heights.

After the first filming, he showed symptoms of exhaustion and seemed to be mentally drained, but he left all the staff’s worries and concerns behind, and completed filming the realistic scene with professionalism.

Lee Seung Gi confessed the difficulties he felt at the time, “Opinions among the staff differ as to the number of times I rode Gyro Drop, from a minimum of 37 times to a maximum of 57 times. But from my standpoint, as the person riding it, the number becomes meaningless after the 30th time.”

source: tvreport via nate
English translation:

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5 Responses to Love Forecast Lee Seung Gi rides Gyro Drop 37 times in a row despite fear of heights

  1. HopesDD says:

    As a person who suffers the same, I think it gets less hard after the first time … But more than 30 time … On a row? That’s a little too much. Our poor Seung Gi, such a professional and diligent person.
    Sometimes I wonder how 120 min took almost 4 months. He suffered a lot, I hope it repays with a great success.
    Today’s Love fighting, Seung Gi fighting.

  2. MyOneandOnly says:

    Aww our boy worked really hard. Im so proud of him ♥ love forecast fighting

  3. A New Day says:

    Seung Gi, you are the best!!!

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