Love Forecast Star Live Talk sold out at record-breaking speed

Movie ‘Love Forecast’ sold out its ‘Star Live Talk’ at superspeed right after ticketing opened.

Starring Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won, ‘Love Forecast’ started selling tickets to ‘Star Live Talk’ at 2pm on January 6, and it was sold out in only 1 minute. This beats the previous fastest sellout record of 5 minutes set by The Technicians.

Director Park Jin Pyo, Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won will participate in the Star Live Talk to be held on January 14, and it’ll be hosted by columnist Kim Tae Hoon. It’ll be filled with time communicating with the audience, including giving away actors’ prized possessions, talk time with questions from the audience, and a chance to receive cheering message directly from the actors for dating in the new year.

source: isplus via nate
English translation:

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5 Responses to Love Forecast Star Live Talk sold out at record-breaking speed

  1. Osi says:

    Impressive! DAEBAK!
    Hope the movie tickets will also be sold out at record breaking speed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    waooohhhh awesome…here we exciting to see the moviegoers on 15th of jan waaahhhhhh…im imagining someone will fight to get thier tickets for the movie when they start selling nyahahahaha sorry joke only….todays love cast congratulations hundreds times…..

  3. ssviveka says:

    Wow!!! Daebak 🙂

  4. wooww.. congrats LOVE FORECAST, congrats seunggi oppa. DAEBAK!!! hope the movie tickets will be sold out as soon as they start… LOVE FORECAST FIGHTING!!!

  5. iheartseunggi says:

    I kind of feel bad for MCW fans since I have a sneaking suspicion that Airens are the major participants in most of these events 🙂 But you’re just not going to beat that amazing Airen power!

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