Running Man Ep 229 HQ Photos – Lee Seung Gi

Only 3 pictures of SeungGi this week? I thought SBS would post more on its website, but no luck there.

source: sbs

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45 Responses to Running Man Ep 229 HQ Photos – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this is also why the Kfans were mad at the very first time when Hook announced that Lee Seo Jin also filmed Running Man with Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won since it would split the spotlight that they thought it’d rather to focus on only Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won for the shake of the movie. They believed that Hook put Lee Seo Jin on Running Man not for the promotion of the movie as an actor as Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won did but only for pushing Lee Seo Jin’s fame more as they’ve been doing for 2 years so far to prepare for Seung Gi’s absence due to MS. Also, since Lee Seo Jin are the darkhourse in variety show after PD Na’s shows so SBS will no way let the chance go away but to do much to get more attention for their show as much as possible.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s what I feel too. I have nothing against Lee Seo Jin- I’m sure he’s a great person, but why is he always with Lee Seung Gi, be it in a photo in a magazine,a commercial for we make price, in LA for the K-con, variety show ,concert for teacher Lee Sun Hee and now even his first movie. I was happy the first few times but it’s kind of annoying since I think it’s taking the spotlight away from Seung Gi. LSG is a big star by himself and he doesn’t need that much help from Lee Seo Jin. Is hook taking a buy 1 get 1 deal from these appearances since theirs is a small company?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the Seung Gi-Seo Jin appearance on other cases are OK. Just this Running Man, since the main lead of the movie are Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won, and they appeared on Running Man as a couple for the only reason promoting for the movie. On the other hands, Lee Seo Jin is just a special guest/cameo of the movie so his appearance on Running Man this time is not that importance for the movie promotion unless the whole cast also appear on the show such as Jung Joon Young, Lizzy or others. And since the whole cast case didn’t happen and the concept of the show is about “some” couple, so the main spotlight, the main focus here should be and must be Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won. But with the preview, and also the arcticles with Lee Seo Jin’s photos and the PD’s media play about his appearance along with the main MC Yoo Jae Suk, people can see that they are doing the wrong promotion since the “some” couple Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won are put aside from the spotlight which should be theirs only and only.

      • mel says:

        I agree. None of the other cast have even done any promotion what so ever. JJY did some press last month, but just a bit. Seo Jin didn’t even go to the premier. Hook has been doing this move and more, adding Seo Jin to everything Seung Gi does. It’s past the point of annoying. It’s also completely one sided since SG is not inovlved in anything SJ does at all, but with Seung Gi SJ is there for nearly everything. And Seung Gi is too nice and great of a person to even complain about this. I wish Hook would stop it. What kind of thing are they doing… using someone nearly 20 years younger to prop up their other star. Shouldn’t they be helping the younger one more. They aren’t doing anything for him for the last couple of years, but they least they could do is not use him all the time.

        • paytonlee says:

          Hook entertainment is a family business and they all have shares. seunggi does too. so when seojin does well seunggi earns from it too. isnt it? anyways i get what u are saying. some times its like buy 1 free 1 deal. its gets annoying sometimes like the next running man episode. looks like the main focus is going to be more on seojin more than seunggi-chaewon from the preview. with seojin its only self promotion because he is getting known in the variety shows rather than to promote the movie.

          But still seojin cant steal the spotlight away from seunggi. for example KCON they both went and seunggi was one of the most talked celeb there.

          • mel says:

            Yeah, okay the benefit is really one sided which is the problem. Hook barely does shit as it is, but now the only thing they do lately is use him to promote someone else. I like Seo Jin but not every LSG fan is a fan of his and vice versa.

            It’s not about stealing spotlight at all. I’m not even worried about that, won’t happen. But this stuff should have stopped a long time ago. Realize this has been going on since 1n2d days (when it was understandable) and has only gotten worse the more famous Seo Jin has gotten..which makes no sense lol.

  3. scbound says:

    I am glad that I am not the only one feeling this way regarding LSJ. I have been biting my tongue for ages. He has been riding on Seung Gi’s coattails for the last couple years. I really like him, it just annoys me. His career was at a virtual standstill before they started having him tag along with Seung Gi and his projects. I had not thought about promoting him for when SG goes to military and that makes sense I guess. But still.

    • paytonlee says:

      Hook wants all seunggi fans to be seojin fans too but its impossible. I hate it when they give them as a package. for example KCON, the fansigning was a package deal too. not all seunggi fans want the sign of seojin. maybe they are getting ready for seunggi’s military service. when seunggi leaves seojin will be the only one earning so they want to get him more opportunities.
      To be fair seunggi went on the 3 meals show to promote the movie too.

  4. Brendan says:

    Seriously – saying the LSJ is riding on LSG coat tails is so ridiculous – it’s quite the other way around. Wasn’t it LSJ that made Grandpa Over Flowers a hit and THEN LSG did a spin off that wasn’t quite as successful and wasn’t renewed. And I’m pretty sure that LSJ was recruited for the movie to do a cameo and because of their friendship and his mentorship he agreed. Even other’s questioned why LSJ took the role. Your response is quite petty and actually doesn’t give LSG the credit he deserves. If he’s really good he can stand on his own next to anyone, including LSJ. It’s actually quite smart of Hook to continue to pair them. They appeal to different demographics so that together they create a synergy which creates a much larger audience in many more countries than either would appeal to on their own. (i.e. much larger market share.) If you really like LSG wouldn’t you want the best for him – and that means not limiting his exposure to just the under 30 crowd?

    • mel says:

      There is so much wrong with this I don’t even know where to start. How does the bigger star LSG ride the coattail of the one who is not as famous….

      NoF had higher ratings that any GoF show. The health issues and scheduling conflicts is what prevented another show. Seunggi is also not the type to do something again once he’s done it once. There wasn’t really much reason for another NoF, though if they could have done one they would have.

      And LSG of all people needing HELP for the over 30 crowd? LOLOLOLOL. Do you know anything about him at all?

      • paytonlee says:

        LOL he/she must be new to seunggi. his fans are 30-40 yr old ajummas. thats why his cfs are successful because rich ajummas willing to buy anything he endorses and he is one of the rare cf stars who endorses kitchen stuff..

        • mel says:

          ikr?? most celebs dream of having his demographic of fans and not just young kids. The ones who make money and spend it. if anything he’s helping out Seo Jin with ajummas fans.

    • paytonlee says:

      “THEN LSG did a spin off that wasn’t quite as successful and wasn’t renewed”

      this is bullshit!. noona over flowers got much higher ratings than grandpa over flowers. and it wasnt renewed because if they renewed they would have to do without seunggi because his schedule is pretty packed. The rest is your opinon so cant complain.

      • mel says:

        I’m also pretty sure GoF was supposed to be SG’s show, but he couldn’t do it because of GFB . So Hook put in Seo Jin instead. For the best though since Seo Jin was perfect for it.

    • Another Anonymous says:

      Just want to make clear the few points: LSJ didn’t make GOF a hit, Na PD did, he (Na PD) is the key of the success of GOF, the grandpas are the heart of the show and LSJ adds more flavor for it. Do you know Seung Gi supposed to be cast to GOF first but because he’s busy filming his drama, Hook send LSJ instead. And the spin off which you call “wasn’t quite as successful” actually has the highest rating among all tvN’s variety shows AND dramas, what it’s lack is the media plays they did for GOF, many fans complained they treat NOF like step-child and didn’t bother to promote it properly.

    • tryp96 says:

      Are you a fan of SeungGi or SeoJin? It seems the latter to me, since you obviously don’t know much about SeungGi based on your ignorant comment. I’ve always liked Lee Seo Jin because he’s a good hyung to SeungGi, no matter how Hook (mis)handles their cooperative efforts, but fans like you turn me off. Please get your facts straight before commenting in a blog for SeungGi. It’s true that Lee Seo Jin became very popular with Grandpa Over Flowers, but SeungGi was the one who was supposed to join that show. But he couldn’t do it because of his drama, so Hook gave that opportunity to Lee Seo Jin instead. If you do your homework right, you’ll see that the show got all the attention in the beginning because it was supposed to be the reunion project for Na PD and Seung Gi.

      Anyway, Lee Seo Jin got to join GoF because SeungGi couldn’t do it. Then Na PD created NoF for SeungGi when he finally had time. I don’t know where you get your news, but NoF was a much more successful show. There are viewership ratings to back it up. The show was not renewed because the cast didn’t have a chance to reunite. Did you also miss the news that Kim Ja Ok, one of the noonas, died of cancer last year? She was busy fighting for her life!

      And one last thing, everyone who knows SeungGi knows his fan base is not “just the under 30 crowd.”

    • Diane says:

      Brendan, all I can say is people like you just make me dislike L SeoJin that much more and love my Lee Seung Gi forever and ever! Either you are a liar or a person who knows nothing about Lee Seung Gi. Stop commenting please.

    • MyOneandOnly says:

      “Wasn’t it LSJ that made Grandpa Over Flowers a hit and THEN LSG did a spin off that wasn’t quite as successful and wasn’t renewed”
      LOL thanks for the big laugh. As what tryp said, seunggi is the one who supposed to be in GoF but bcz of his packed scheduled he couldn’t do it. So hook sent LSJ instead. And out of Na PD’s loyalty toward seunggi,he created NoF and it was one of the highest ratings out of all “over flowers” series and drama TvN. And the one who made the show a big hit not LSJ but Na PD lol And to add the flavours Seunggi joined in Noona over flowers and the ratings bursting out with double digits (in a cable channel!) Meanwhile GoF is not.

      • Anonymous says:

        “it was one of the highest ratings out of all “over flowers” series and drama TvN”
        Just want oto correct your comment a bit ^^ It was not one of the shows but IS the show which had the highest rating, not only among tcN’s dramas and variety shows but among all of the cable TV drama/variety shows so far, it got an over 9% in average rating for the whole season.

        • mel says:

          Yep. This is also when tvn constantly changed the time it started nearly every week, treated it poorly in general and then the broadcast mistake where it was delayed so long. NoF debuted to double digits, something even dramas can’t do nowadays.

        • MyOneandOnly says:

          lol should edit my comment “it was The highest ratings out of all “over flowers” series and drama TvN” 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      “that means not limiting his exposure to just the under 30”
      So Korea must be so dump to call him who “just has the young fans under 30” as you said as the “nation’s son”, “nation’s younger brother”, “nation’s son in-law”, “nation’s mother’s friend’s desireable son”, “nation’s mom-killer” and bunch of other nation’s titles. Also, so the well-known shortname that even the K-medias know – “Seungjumma army” to refer his fandom in Korea is just a joke? LMAO. Do some researchs before saying, if you can’t read Korean, you can search about it on Google, there’re tons of English articles and videos saying about who is Lee Seung Gi and who are his major fans in Korea.

    • impreza says:

      Have you ever heard of a variety show called 1 Night 2 Days on KBS?… Seung Gi was part of this show directed by PD Na Young Seok from 2007 to 2012… At the time, Lee Seo Jin was an actor, not a variety man. But he appeared in at least 2 episodes of 1 Night 2 Days in 2011, invited by Seung Gi (the topic was a journey with the permanent members’ best friends). This was way before Na PD directed the ‘Over Flowers’ series on tvN. So I don’t think that Lee Seung Gi can be said to have ever ‘ridden on Lee Seo Jin coat tails’ (didn’t know this idiomatic expression, thanks).
      Seung Gi has always been a bigger star. And when you go to his concerts, you can clearly see that his audience is very wide, from teens to middle-aged people, people in their 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, even 60s.. He doesn’t need any help from anybody else to get a wider audience.
      The explanation to this might be, as someone said, that the company needs to fill Seung Gi’s imminent 2-years absence from entertainment.
      As for Running Man, I will watch episode 228 in HD tomorrow night… and wait for the next one. But I’m sure that nobody can steal the show from Seung Gi, especially in Running Man.

    • scbound says:

      You are hilariously ignorant. LSJ did maybe two dramas and zero movies between 2007 and 2011. He came on 2d1n w/ Seung Gi, thats all he did otherwise. He was completely off the radar. Then he did those we make price cf’s W/ Seung Gi. he only got gof because of him too. then he got a weekend drama. and had that young idol doing the 3 meals a day with him, which was a snooze fest. EVERYTHING he has done in the last 5yrs and with any success is related to LSG .

      • scbound says:

        my reply was to Brendan

      • iheartseunggi says:

        Lol! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought 3 meals a day was super boring. If Seung Gi hadn’t been on it I would never have made it through. I mean 2+ minutes of watching a goat eat?! Seriously? There was no better footage? Not even an interesting conversation? I like Na PD, I Love Seung Gi, and I respect both Taecyeon and Lee Seo Jin, but goodness that show was boring.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Reading all your comments here make me think what’s the big deal if LSJ be with Seung gi’s appearances all the time? It doesn’t make any difference, IMO. I mean it won’t affect SG’s popularity at all. Who knows, it’s Seung Gi who wants Seo Jin to be a part of it. I.e, Kcon, it’s probably’s Seung gi’s request for SJ to be around. we all know Seung gi is not that confident enough to be in the US and w/ his English, at lease he feels at ease if he has someone comfortable with to talk to.
    They are good friends, And we know how good a friend our Seung Gi is, let’s just think it was SG’s choice to be with him most of the time. And if they are considered package deal or how do you call it, they will both gain from it and Hook for sure. I”m not a fan of SJ coz sometimes I find him cold and too stiff but he is Seung Gi’s friend..
    If Im not mistaken even Christmas and New Year they are together right?

    • paytonlee says:

      I think this time we are irritated that we all wanted spotlight to be on seunggi-chaewon and the movie. its just feels out of place a cameo is given so much spotlight. if seojin was from another agency and he came to promote movie with seunggi then it will create much more chaos. seunggi fans are trying to be respectful because seojin is seunggi’s hyung but this is seunggi’s first movie so we want it to do well.. from what we see seojin will gain more as in more recognition than the movie since next ep seems more like seojin-jaesuk bonding epi to me

  6. Brendan says:

    Now, now now – let’s make one thing clear – I’m not a fan of either LSJ or LSG – I’m not a fan of anyone. The word fan comes from fanatic. (Someone with a limited viewpoint who lives his/her life through another.) …….

    • mel says:

      You need to educate yourself about LSG before talking about him as if you know things. You are also seriously overestimating Seo Jin’s popularity in relation to Seunggi’s…

      His career is just beginning? He’s been in the business for 10 years and has far more success than Seo Jin has ever seen. Seo Jin’s first project was in 1999 going by dramawiki. SG debuted in 2004. You act as if Seo Jin is some grand senior in the business who is a huge established star, when he’s just not. He got lucky with GoF and Na PD since before that he wasn’t doing much since Yi San in 2007.

      Seunggi HAS a larger audience of fans than Seo Jin and is a lot more famous everywhere. Where do you even get that Seunggi is only popular with young people? There is a reason he endorses high end home electronics like refrigerators and rice cookers – that are aimed at older women. Seo Jin brings nothing to Seunggi at all tbh. Nobody is saying Seunggi can’t stand on his own, we are saying Hook just loves to shove him in everything Seunggi is doing and has been doing this for awhile and it’s annoying.

    • tryp96 says:

      OK, I deleted most of the BS in your comment; sorry about that, but I think I lost a few brain cells reading it, and I don’t want others suffer the same.

      Since you’re not a fan of either celebrities, what are you doing on this blog? To show off how knowledgeable and well-connected with the entertainment industry you are? Please just leave us “fanatics” here in peace.

    • paytonlee says:

      what are u doing here? this page is only for seunggi and airens. not a fan of his? stay away from this page. simple as that

    • impreza says:

      Typical answer from a person who thinks claiming arrogantly his/her so-called intellectual superiority will boost his/her low self-esteem. There are so many like yourself on the internet. Too many. We are all anonymous on the internet and anybody can lie about who/what they are just to feel superior for a few minutes. Thinking about it, I bet you are a fanatic of someone or something to feel the urge to bother us on this blog with your approximate rant.

  7. Diane says:

    Why do we, all Lee Seung Gi fans, have to read (and respond to) something like the guy (?) said above on a blog dedicated to Lee Seung Gi? Tryp, please just delete his (?) comments. Let’s all worship Seung Gi peacefully and happily.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hate this kind of fight. Sure I understand if fans being protective not wanting them to be a package deal and blamed Hook for that, but in the end you made SeungGi and SeoJin seems to be petty. Fans should trust them more. Both already can stand on their own now, stop disserving them. And how they got famous in variety is similar tbh.

    Yes, SeoJin got famous because of GoF and it was started by Na PD for SeungGi, and he was lucky to get chosen. It was his variety persona that got famous and that was not depending on SeungGi. If he’s just everyone variety boring guy that attached to SeungGi everywhere, people won’t like him. But it’s not the case, there are people who like his prickly attitude and “tsundere”-ness. How a star get his/her “hot” time are different, but in the end it’s up to their capability to maintain them, not someone else.

    And I thought SeungGi fans age are famous to be older, even most K-ent fans who I know don’t really care for him, know that. I don’t even know how some people could think that SeungGi needs to ride on SeoJin. SeungGi got famous in his “hot” time on his own too because he was loved with 1N2D. No matter what reason he got chosen (I remember a writer (Shin/Lee PD?) said he’s hardworking), in the end he was lucky that he was casted when there is writer/PD who was questioning would he did good because he was known with his model student attitude/image, and they doubt he could be funny. Well, he proved them wrong and became one of most loved members.

    Shoving them to RM is most likely CJ’s doing, not Hook. The main focus is SeungGi and ChaeWon’s some, but you couldn’t deny that the 3 men is famous factor for the movie too. They got one episode for SeungGi and ChaeWon. Why not add another episode while they could with SeoJin when he too is famous variety persona currently, which could boost more interest for people to watch the promotion in RM. JoonYoung is 1N2D member, rival show with RM, CJ couldn’t put him there even though he’s under them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Forgot to say this, SeungGi’s was probably happy he could do promotion for the movie with his hyung, enjoying VS filming together. I heard about this before but imagine if they read these comments…

    • Mary J. says:

      Thank you for your wise words… I completely agree.
      I hope he never gets to read these comments. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      To say that Seung Go is not well loved by the KPop fans is incorrect. In any case, he was never a KPop idol, he is in a different league.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rightly said. As a matter of fact, most KPOP idols are popular becos they belong to a group/band. If u single them out, most of them can’t hold the fork independently.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m the OP. Is this directed to my comment or the other posters comments?

        If it’s mine, I never said he’s not well loved. I said most other K-entertainment (actor/singer/drama/VS, etc) fans whom I know, who don’t care (pay attention/follow) to him, know that he has older fans. So it’s surprising to me that I found some commenter who don’t even know about that can find their way to comment like that here.

  9. Tenzin says:

    I am always for lee seung gi…..hè is the best ……

  10. Alepazestre says:

    I personally laughed when Brendan said that GOF was a major it compared to NOF, seriously, as Tryp said, if youre not a LSG fan then just dont even comment, this is a blog for LSG and those who have always followed him and love him. As well, Seunggi problably doesnt ming his hyung being shobbed everywhere with him however fans do mind since it doesnt make sense at all, if this was for the movies promotion i would understand however this is Love Forecast, which only has 2 protagonists which are supposed to be the spotlight of the movie. Lets just ignore these people and wish Seunggi well, btw does anyone know how is the buzz sorrounding Todays Love in Korea or which was teh rating of ep 229?
    pd. Thanks Tryp for always remaining loyal to SG and his fans! Love your blog

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I think is better to watch the latest running man before judging. Is true that the spotlight is on Seo Jin but he did said that he didn’t want to come in the first place. Is Seungi Gi who pull strings to make him come on the show. He specifically mention that he was just guest cameo in that movie not even the main actor and actress to promote the movie.

    As for Gof and Nof, yes is originally for Seung Gi and then it was then passed to SeoJin. Seo Jin did play a part in making Gof successful. Not to say who override who but LSJ is really a variety darkhorse and if you really did follow he was super funny with his grumbling character in 2d1n.

    I understand that Seung Gi fan was bored to see them both constantly packaging them together but yet is just the management problem not the actor problem. I think is better to respect both of their friendship regardless what the poor management did.

    • Mary J. says:

      Thank you so much! I was going to write about it since I just finish to watch the episode. I am Seung gi fan and I was never bored or bother to see them together. They obviously are friends and like to spend as much time together if possible. Lee SeoJin is so dry funny 😛

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