Love Forecast writes new history of romance movies… #1 in advance ticket sales

Congratulations to SeungGi and Love Forecast! This should be a nice birthday gift. 😛 Let’s hope it’ll hit daebak in box office tomorrow!!!

As of 10am KST on January 13, Love Forecast has sold 26,755 tickets and is ranked #1 in advance sales. This is the highest number of tickets sold in advance for romance movies in Korea. The previous record was about 13,000 tickets for Love 911. Among romance movies that attracted over 4 million viewers, All About My Wife sold 11,000 tickets in advance, and Introduction to Architecture 10,000 tickets.

Tickets for Love Forecast’s opening weekend stage greetings were sold out as soon as ticketing started.

source: mbn via naver, CJEnMMovie
English translation:

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11 Responses to Love Forecast writes new history of romance movies… #1 in advance ticket sales

  1. HopesDD says:

    Woooow congratulation, I wish for more than 5M goers.

    I’m so happy to read about the album ❤ bestest news ever. Thank you so much. (He's making it before filming for YAAS last year so I hope it'll make a huge success)

  2. crazyahjumma fan says:

    Great news indeed. Double the second highest in numbers. Daebak!!!

  3. piratri says:

    The incredible Lee Seung Gi’s effect..

  4. LeeSeungGi says:

    well, we are already know it..whos not right? haha

  5. ssviveka says:

    Wow!!! daebak 🙂

  6. wenns8 says:

    our Rating man… Seunggi is The Best!!

  7. farla1314 says:

    Wow wow wow Congratulation!
    Love Forecast Daebak!
    Seung Gi Daebak!

  8. Ritz says:

    omg I have never been this nervous before!!! not even when my graduation exam was there…it will be sleepless night today..oh my i just hope he does well..I know oppa will be so much nervous right now…I will be praying for him…
    Ps happy bday’s our bday too today..N indeed this news is bday gift for us..^_^

  9. impreza says:

    I’m so happy to hear that!! I hope it’s a big hit. Great news. 🙂

  10. paytonlee says:

    YESYESYESYESYES!! can someone translate what the figures are for?

  11. ayhu wahyuni says:

    WOW Oppa daebak 😀 Love forecast be the best 😀

    2015-01-13 11:47 GMT+08.00, Everything Lee Seung Gi

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