Love Forecast opens in 2nd place at box office

Keep up the good work~ ❤

Movie ‘Love Forecast’ drew 133,746 viewers on its opening day, slightly below Ode to My Father’s 144,612 viewers for the day, and was ranked #1 among movies that opened on the same day (including Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, Night at the Museum 3, and American Sniper).

This record surpassed opening-day scores of other successful romance movies, including Introduction to Architecture (4.11 million viewers total, 66,580 on opening day), All About My Wife (4.59 million viewers total, 87,798 on opening day), and My Love My Bride (2.13 million viewers total, 88,406 on opening day), and is expected to be able to write new box office history of romance movies.

This also surpassed director Park Jin Pyo’s previous opening-day records, including 111,526 viewers for You Are My Sunshine (2.1 million total), and 111,989 viewers for Closer to Heaven (3 million total).

source: segye via naver, CJEnMMovie
English translation:

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4 Responses to Love Forecast opens in 2nd place at box office

  1. Ritz says:

    daebak..oppa fighting!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tryp, the theatres in Korea open all the time a day or start from afternoon to midnight? Since I saw the advanced ticket sales of TL last midnigght (2 AM) was about 64,000 but this morning, it was about 62,000?

  3. Anonymous says:

    as i expected waaahhhh congratulations TL wooowww thats so great for opening day..anyway tryp what about today whats thier rank now?? i know very soon they will be on top…fighting seunggi and chae….

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