15.01.26 South Korea Box Office – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* SeungGi & Love Forecast, fighting!

It was played 1,893 times on a total of 465 screens on Monday (1/26), and had 39,079 admissions for 292,145,500 won. The accumulated number of viewers is 1,591,594, totaling 12,618,670,687 won in sales. Seat occupancy rate is about 13.1%.

(Please note that these numbers are preliminary, subject to change.)

source: kobis

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15 Responses to 15.01.26 South Korea Box Office – Lee Seung Gi

  1. MyOneandOnly says:

    kwenchana~ they are doing really well for romantic comedy genre 😀 they will reach 2M soon~ Love forecast fighting 😀

  2. revolu says:

    Well, they’ve broken even now right? That’s pretty good.

    With the current pace, I don’t think this movie will reach any historic heights of viewership, but it will be solid mark in Seung Gi’s resume and achievements. Good on him

    • paytonlee says:

      from the reviews it seems people only love the chemistry between the leads other than it they dont seem to like it, the storyline and the supporting cast :(. im hoping it reaches atleast 2.5M

      • revolu says:

        I only read the casting of Jung Joon-young seemed out of place (and in the production company’s best interest as Joon Young is under CJ Entertainment) and Midae Hyung’s role was very cheesy. With rom coms, the best thing to have is great chemistry with plot that isnt too cliche or sappy. Love Forcast seems to have achieved this. I can’t wait to actually see this movie myself.

        From what I can guesstimate from the box office numbers so far, 2.5 Million is very achievable, I don’t think 3 million is out of the question, but 3.5-4 million is going to be alot harder to reach. Unfortunately for Air drop fans, I don’t think 5 million is in the cards, but that’s ok, 3 million for a debut Rom Com movie is pretty good. Not amazing, but good.

    • tryp96 says:

      Unfortunately, the movie hasn’t quite reached the break-even point yet. And CJ is already focused on promoting its next movie that’s due for release in 2 weeks. So I think Love Forecast is pretty much dependent on word-of-mouth at this point. And of course Airens are still doing their fair share in box office contributions. SeungGi always says he wants his career to be long-run, so I hope this movie will be too!

  3. HopesDD says:

    Let’s pray for the best, some movies couldn’t even reach 1M goers, and all the new movies aren’t doing better than a rom-com like Love Forecast (if you compare the numbers). I hope it keeps strong and get better, and they open it soon in other countries like China or Japan and for it to make a buzz.
    Fighting!!! Let’s keep the spirit ❤

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey cheer up guys i mean come on the movie isn’t a flop,it’s going towards 2 millions and it won’t lose money!,i think we’re hard to please bc we always expect too much of Oppa,to sum up he won’t break records but he won’t flop either

  5. scbound says:

    If rom coms are such a hard sell in Korean Theaters I wish he would have done something out of his comfort zone and not played it safe. He really needs another great showing after TK2H , I so badly want his Acting to be taken Seriously. We love him no matter what the project, and he always does a great job, but it seems his latest projects all have a negative in them somewhere along the way. I feel like he is the one that feels the burden and pays the price. Maybe I am wrong this is just how I see it. And to have poor actors involved in his first movie is unacceptable. I guess I just feel too protective over him.

    • Anonymous says:

      I remember Seunggi saying that he chose rom com cos he didn’t want to be greedy… and he wanted something he could do well in. I respect his choice even though like you, l wished he had taken on a more challenging role.
      As for the viewership, I think the producer’s assessment was the most accurate n prudent. He predicted 2 millon, which i think is very possible. 5 millon, I think not, unless a miracle happens. 3 millon which Seunggi himself hoped for is 50-50. Depends on how long the movie is going to be shown. But as a whole, i think it did well among the rom coms.

    • Dottie says:

      I totally understand your feelings. I comfort myself with these thoughts and would like to share with you. There is no guarantee for success, no matter the movie genre. It’s only too easy to look back and say what-ifs but it’s a futile exercise. He’s a great learner. I am sure he’s learned a lot from this outing, not just how to act in movies, but about production, distribution, promotion, etc., the whole thing. As he intends to be a main stay in the business, this experience will be most valuable to him. I look at how great actors mature in their movie careers and foresee a bright future for our Seung Gi.

    • mel says:

      I think a romcom is a good place to start. It’s not some big budget movie that needed a huge audience to get back money. This movie will break even and then some, it’s a solid success. Playing it safe was the smart thing to do.

      Though I do agree his last projects have relied on his popularity and fans to carry the weight, instead of having the writing and story do it for the project.

  6. alisan says:

    I believe “Love Forecast’ Viewers will reach >>3.5 millions<>Valentime’s Day.<> CJ …CJ we need your Help too ..more screens ..more screens ..Thank you

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