15.01.27 Marley Coffee Event Press Photos 3 – Lee Seung Gi

credit: as labeled

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12 Responses to 15.01.27 Marley Coffee Event Press Photos 3 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    with bora ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    He always going out with his hyungs from GOF, his noona yoon from NOF, sister group but not with his GF. Feels weird. but anyway this is his personal we should not think about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is doing it because he respects his fans,im sure he’d want to go out carelessly just like everyone with the person he loves.

    • MyOneandOnly says:

      somehow i forgot he is dating, we shouldn’t expect him to expose more about his private life, as we know he cares much about his private life, lets respect that. and this is his official schedule which has nothing to do with his gf.

  3. scbound says:

    He did not take them there with him. They have been selected as models for the coffee.

    • MyOneandOnly says:

      i don’t think sistar is also a model for marley coffee beside seunggi. i think they just guesting at the marley coffee gangnam grand opening. (correct me if im wrong)

      • scbound says:

        Maybe SG is the offical Model and the rest are doing things in a smaller scale. or maybe the article is just wrong LOL I am not sure.
        At any rate.. I am not sure what this event has to do with his personal life.

        On January 27th, SISTAR’s Bora and So You attended opening ceremony of ‘Marley Coffee,’ which was held in Seochodong, Seoul.

        Meanwhile, So You and Bora were selected as advertisement models of ‘Marley Coffee’ along with Lee Seung Gi, HaHa, and Skull.

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