15.02.05 South Korea Box Office – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* Love Forecast, keep fighting!

It was played 433 times on a total of 183 screens on Thursday (2/5), and had 5,912 admissions for 43,494,000 won. The accumulated number of viewers is 1,853,374, totaling 14,616,730,087 won in sales. Seat occupancy rate is about 10.6%.

(Please note that these numbers are preliminary, subject to change.)

source: kobis

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16 Responses to 15.02.05 South Korea Box Office – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love forecast keep fighting….

  2. HopesDD says:

    I’m still proud 🙂 praying for more success to uri oppa.
    Ockoal wrote a post about Love Forecast:

  3. layman says:

    Love Forecast Fighting !!!
    PS: tell me ..tell me ( 5987 viewers /256 screens and 5742 viewers/ 181 screens which is better )?

    • MyOneandOnly says:

      which is which?

    • HopesDD says:

      I think the number of screens are determined by tickets pre-sales.
      But … for your question, you just need to count: the first 23.38 the second 31.72. The second is better mathematically, but what matters at the end of the day are the views.
      (no need to compare, the other movie is in its second week while Love Forecast second week’s numbers where much much higher 🙂 )

  4. MyOneandOnly says:

    C’est si bon topped the box office but their admission is not high. they premiere in a weekday and same goes to Love forecast but Love forecast admissions is higher. Love forecast reaches their break even point few days ago which means they’re in the safe zone right now. nothing to lose.just saying 🙂 hope love forecast will stay longer in theatre and collecting profit as many as they can. seunggi fighting 😀

    • MyOneandOnly says:

      i don’t know why i got many downvotes. can someone tell me? am i saying something offensive or am i saying something wrong?

      • HopesDD says:

        Hey, I didn’t downvote your post, but I think it isn’t Airen’s style to compare other movies, you could have hinted to it, or ignored it. I might be wrong though 🙂
        *for that movie, it did great for one of its leads “scandal” -I like her though, with Seung Gi’s adorabale and elegant noona*
        I, personnaly, don’t think you said anything offensive.

        • MyOneandOnly says:

          thank you for not downvoting me. i thought i said something offensive LOL i’m just trying to say how well Love forecast doing all this time. but i guess i have no manner comparing it with others.im sorry but i have no bad intention at all.

          • HopesDD says:

            Oh please, I didn’t say you have no manner, please don’t misunderstand é_è I’m sorry if I made you feel that way.
            I know you have no bad attentions at all, but we wouldn’t like it if someone (though in his celeb’s fansite) compares SG’s works with him. (I repeat, there’s nothing offensif in your post -and I didn’t touch your manners >.< )

            • MyOneandOnly says:

              im not saying you are saying im having no manner. lol i understand what are you trying to say thank you 🙂 lets just drop it here 😀

      • impreza says:

        You didn’t say something offensive at all, don’t worry. In fact I was thinking the same thing about C’est si bon.

    • A New Day says:

      I support you. Don’t worry. Some people like Seung Gi and other stars. I am Seung Gi only, so there!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, why does C’est Si Bon have many screens (753) while Love Forecast only had 573 screens on the first day? They are both distributed by CJ, why the difference?

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