15.02.23 Big Issue Volunteer Vendor Official Photos 3

Just a brief summary of the official blog post:

One of the vendors showed off SeungGi’s autograph on his handphone case:

The Big Issue magazine was introduced in ‘Documentary 3 Days’ on January 18. After watching the program, SeungGi & Hook contacted Big Issue first and offered to help. He donated portrait rights to grace the cover of issue #102, and asked if there was anything else he could help with. He then came up with the volunteer vendor idea first. On the day of the event, staff was amazed by how well-behaved and supportive the fans were. “Like star, like fans.” The magazines prepared in advance were all sold out, so they had to urgently bring in more copies. SeungGi’s star power was amazing, as expected. Random passersby would ask about the magazine, then join the line, and also spread the news on phones and SNS. Seeing SeungGi standing by the vendors in the chilly weather for an hour, never losing his smile, staff can’t help but agree with the saying that there’s a reason why people succeed.

credit: bigissuenews
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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9 Responses to 15.02.23 Big Issue Volunteer Vendor Official Photos 3

  1. seunggi nuna says:

    Reading this post make me love him more! What could I do……?? ^^ Seunggiyaaa.. Fighting..!!

  2. MyOneandOnly says:

    I am lost for words ❤

  3. paytonlee says:

    i seriously am lucky to be a fan of him. yes there is a reason why he succeeded and he knows how to use to his power for a good cause. i am proud to be an airen

  4. periwinkle says:

    When a person has a kind and understanding heart. Who would not love him or her? That is why I love Seung Gi so much..:)

  5. jhonggi says:

    I love you more each day..seunggiyah always take care😙😙😙😙

  6. Alepazestre says:

    Seunggi is one of the few stars who are so genuine in everything they do, he is trluly one of a kind. He is so considerate, humorous and too beautiful. Love Seunggi oppa and will miss him when he goes you know where (cant dare to day it), ill genuinely cry because ill mis him too much the day he goes.

  7. so speechless, nothing to say but proud and love you more and more lee seung gi ❤

  8. ayhu wahyuni says:

    oppaku greatest ^.^

    2015-02-26 16:36 GMT+08.00, Everything Lee Seung Gi

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