[Eng] 15.05.30 From SeungGi

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Airens whom I miss~~~ ♡♡ 2015-05-30

Airens whom I miss~ Are you doing well?
This week has been a busy week because of music video filming and Producers cameo filming!
You know that Producers airs tonight, right? ㅋㅋ

After a long period of sultry weather, today… it’s refreshing with the timely rain… ㅎㅎ
Our Airens seem to be really waiting for and anticipating Lee Seung Gi’s 6th Album
I’m happy, but on the other hand, ‘the result ought to be good…’ that burden is heavy~
But anyway, since it’s my first album in a long time, I’m nervous~ Phew….^^;;

So I’m putting a lot more work into revising (songs) I had already worked on before
The scheduled release date will be slightly postponed from June 4…
I wanted to let you know first, and I cautiously ask for your understanding.

I wanted to add just a little more… more… details–;;
I got greedy, and did mixing many times, so now with a 6-day delay,
June 10 has been set as the album release date!!!!!!

I ask for our Airens’ understanding regarding the unavoidable delay!
I want to gift you with a long-lasting album that’s filled to the brim! to~~~~~ the brim!!!!! with my heart, so please wait a little while (longer)^^

Even though I keep saying let’s meet soon…
Really, we’ll meet soon! soon! soon!!!!~ ^^
Daebak wishes for 6th album! You’ll make them, right~~?^^
I love you!!!!!!!

source: leeseunggi.com
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

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4 Responses to [Eng] 15.05.30 From SeungGi

  1. KalAi28 says:

    Seung gi yah we miss you so much! We can’t wait to see our singer Seunggi back on stage. We love you too and we’re always here to support you… Always!!! Fighting!!!
    Thanks Tryp!

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  3. A New Day says:

    My prayer is answered!!! I love you too, Seung Gi! Fighting!!!

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