1theK Hashtag Interview – Lee Seung Gi

*English & Japanese & Chinese subtitles are now available. 😀
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Lee Seung Gi, a self diss track in the new album?!

Good guy, Lee Seung Gi, coming back as a singer with the 6th regular album after a long time! A self diss track of the official bad dancer among Korean celebrities, a wild promise for being ranked no.1, and a surprise video clip from his old friend, Eun Ji-won of ‘1Night and 2days’, don’t miss the mentally handsome guy Lee Seung Gi!

credit: 1theK

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8 Responses to 1theK Hashtag Interview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi’s so jjang, always smiles with his heart during the interviews. He must be so happy with this album coming out, for his fans.
    And lastly, when will we get to watch the MV?
    “And goodbye” is so good to hear alone, but I think it would be perfect more with the MV along, at least at this time – but before the live performance coming out! Since I always believe his live performance on stage will be daebak overload hehe. Can’t wait!

  2. micesing says:

    And Goodbye live from Seung Gi, yay! ❤

  3. Airen_Latinas says:

    NOW is available the english subtitles

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tryp, do you know anything abt the artirsts who rap on Seung Gi’s song “Hani/Do you”?
    I hear some people pointing that MC Mong also supported Seung Gi secrectly by joining the rap part (around the ending part of the song) but since MC Mong wanted to protect his dongseng Seung Gi from hate or for the shake of his image in front of pubic so he didn’t want to show his own name officially which was why this song didn’t mention the “feat…” part as usual.
    After hearing times to times, I personally find that that rapper’s voice is very similar to MC Mong’s voice too.
    If it’s true, wow, daebak indeed!

  5. lee seung gi says:

    Choding and heodang….i really missing them….i hope i can see them on stage together….

  6. lee says:

    when the MV

  7. Beautiful shirt, he looks very suitable with shirt, very cute

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