Lee Seung Gi 6th Album MV Filming BTS Photos

The article title is: “And, CPR”… Lee Seung Gi, reviving a dead MV” 😥

[STARCAST] “And, CPR”…Saving Lee Seung-gi’s dead M/V

credit: dispatch via naver

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5 Responses to Lee Seung Gi 6th Album MV Filming BTS Photos

  1. layman says:

    OMG…my tears…my tears…???

  2. Anonymous says:

    With just an MV made by Dispatch reporters themselves, I can sense how daebak the MV could be! T.T! And look at the scenes they filmed, it must cost a lot of money and efforts, and sweats than all of his previous normal MVs if anything other singers’ MVs. But at the end, it couldn’t come out just because of some production’s f*cking staff’s mistake!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aww… sad… sad… sad, we can’t see the full video! It would have been amazing just looking at the photos. So they have to shoot the full MV again. Who’s the girl? 😀

  4. scbound says:

    This is such awful news about the MV it looks as though it would have been very powerful. I just keep listening to the song over and over I cannot get enough of it.

  5. ayhu wahyuni says:

    Dispetch kereenn ^.^

    2015-06-13 12.41 GMT+08.00, Everything Lee Seung Gi

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