15.06.25 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Voice Actress Says Thanks (and sorry) to Lee Seung Gi

source: dclsg

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4 Responses to 15.06.25 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why she say sorry..i cant play the video…

    • Rann says:

      Remember the early episodes of YAAS where they go to the club to investigate? This is the girl who slammed DaeGu to a table, I guess that’s what she say sorry for. xD

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh thank you..yeah i remember that scene…

      • Anonymous says:

        She says sorry because in the past she did a kinda “rude” interview with Seung Gi (that later MBC had to edit a lot to make the interview section looked more nicely and smoothly on broadcasting) but unlike other stars, Seung Gi still handled that interview with a very nice manner.
        It was when she was a rookie reporter working for MBC Section TV. That interview was considered as so bad that she thought that Seung Gi would hate her much and might never want to meet her again in future. But in fact, it totally was not like what she thought. Again, Seung Gi still treated her so well, during the time she met him again through a cameo on YAAS despite it was the scene where she grabbed his hair and hit him so hard and more she had to do many of NGs (meaning Seung Gi was hit by her times to times) and despite she was just a nugu-level actress compared to Seung Gi.

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