Lee Seung Gi Shows Cooking Skills For Album Staff

While working on the 6th album, SeungGi cooked a meal for the hard-working staff. He personally prepared everything, including the ingredients and equipment, and even marinating the chicken breasts the day before! Needless to say, all the staff members were very touched. Some of the articles are calling SeungGi a “YoSekNam,” a sexy man who’s a good cook. ๐Ÿ˜›

source: chicnews via nate

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2 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Shows Cooking Skills For Album Staff

  1. Omuraiisu says:

    Woah.. Our heodang Chef Lee even get YoSekNam tittle now..
    It’s result of hardworking, determination, and sincere heart who want serve delicious food for other.. ^^ Jjang Jjang Man โค
    Even in old time, I always love his happy sastisfied expression after succesfully feeding his hyungs with delicious (enough) food. Like there's no compliment nor award better than seeing his hyungs happily eat his own handmade food. That's why I love Lee Chef and believe he'll be a good cook.
    This is one of another reason I've become a Lee Seung Gi fan.. โค

  2. Anonymous says:

    No wonder Seung Gi is a jjang jjang man as always! Just wonder why Hook revealed those BTS photo today. I know it may just simply be a fan-service for the fans’ thirsty abt his news, but still, why they didn’t post it through Instagram while the lastest post they update there was almost 2 weeks ago? Hopefully it’s some hint abt Seung Gi will appear on some variety show abt cooking, such as the upcoming season of Na PD’s cooking show, the season 2 with Cha Seung Won although on the other hand I doubt it to become true haha.
    Anyway, always be happy and stay healthy, Seung Gi ya!

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