15.07.07 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

7/21 update: SeungGi’s performance has been cancelled due to certain circumstances. (I guess that means he’ll be in China filming the new variety show on August 8.)


SkyLife is holding a “Super Festival” to celebrate the launch of its UHD channels, and its promotion states that SeungGi will appear (perform?) at this festival.

The festival will be held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza on August 8.

source: skylife via dclsg

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6 Responses to 15.07.07 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully it’s true. With his MS time rumors that he’ll go around August to Novemver this year so even if it’s true, then at least we can see him till August 8 if this festival rumor’s true haha.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is there a rumour that he will enlist around August to Nov?

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually there’s no one with exactly date. It’s from a lot of rumors on DC, some of them said that Seung Gi would go for MS around August this year/ right after the new album released, but those rumors were from earlier this year. Then the rumors were spreading that he postponed it to the end of this year, around Oct-Nov (because of Rep. Kwon’s health condition). Although rumors are rumors, but he’s at the age to leave soon so even if there’s no rumor, he still has to go for his MS at someday this year or next year. So as fans, during this time I think we should better enjoy any of his projects as much as possible as if it’s the last chance I can see him before in order to not feel any regret later.

  2. SayangSeunggi says:

    reallly??..i’m not ready yet..huhu..

  3. A New Day says:

    In a recent interview with a Chinese media company he said there were several new proposals and he will let fans know what’s the next project. Let’s wait and see.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Or it might just Skylife tried to use Seung Gi’s name for promotion in the first place. Like as they sent him the love call but he didn’t give any decision abt it yet but for the sake of their festival attention, they still tried to use his name without waiting for his confirmation. And then Seung Gi had official schedule, they couldn’t help but to announce abt the cancellation.
    Anyway, hope it mean Seung Gi will be in China for NJTTW filming during that time. Heard that they planned to broadcast the show around the end of August or early September?

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