iQIYI Exclusive Interview with Lee Seung Gi

This interview mostly focused on SeungGi’s new album. He recommended the song “Love” because he started producing the album after receiving that song, and it set the tone for the album. SeungGi said he’s been studying Chinese recently, and he showed off by naming all the days of the week. It was very impressive! 😛 When asked about his future plans, he said he was wrapping up the album promotion, but he had received several project proposals. Once confirmed, he hopes to show a brand new side of himself through a new project. His goal for the rest of 2015 is to get busier. 😀

credit: iqiyi via yipianjingyingdexin @ baidu tieba

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6 Responses to iQIYI Exclusive Interview with Lee Seung Gi

  1. Omuraiisu says:

    I love “Love” too SeungGi-ah.. the song is as beutiful as sarang ❤
    but love the other songs too.. ❤
    "get busier" .. hehe.. Our hardworking oppa.. 🙂 We know you always busy even though we didn't see you as often. But can seeing you as often as possible is always in our wish list. Can't wait ^^ but will wait ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope u do another drama seunggi plssssss…..

  3. alisan says:

    Good News… Good news…thank you QIY ..hope to see seung gi in TV soon …Fighting !

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