Na Young Seok PD “NJttW Filming in China Early Next Month”

Na PD told Sports Donga in a phone conversation on July 20, “We plan to leave for China in early August, and return after filming for about a week. Using the Chinese fantasy novel as motif, ‘New Journey to the West’ matches the members’ circumstances very well. In the novel, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Xuanzang, Sha Wujing and etc. are characters expelled from heaven for their sins. Currently, the members’ circumstances are a far cry from their old 1N2D popularity.”

Regarding the show’s production as internet contents, he said, “This was on account of the members’ circumstances. Internet is a medium where only people who are interested click. I think we would be able to ask for the viewers’ understanding to some degree in such a case.”

source: donga via nate
English translation:

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12 Responses to Na Young Seok PD “NJttW Filming in China Early Next Month”

  1. scbound says:

    What the heck?

    • Anonymous says:

      On other articles, PD Na mentioned abt Lee Su Geun, if anything, the reporters even mentioned him as a crime as Knets called him although he’s actually not, PD Na also jokes abt it. That’s the main reason they’re so careful abt this and that abt this show in order to not bother the other viewers who’re still angry with him, even the way of broadcasting.

      • scbound says:

        I know and understand all that but thanks. I think I will refrain from commenting further about this project. Wishing Good luck to Seung Gi as always.

        • Anonymous says:

          I just answer abt you “what the heck?”. Personally all I care is Seung Gi, and here he says it’s sooo OK then it’s not the problem anymore.

      • I get that, but I don’t think Seunggi needs to be dragged into the fall from grace aspect. Unless they joke about two sensitive aspects of his life and I would hope they would not. He didn’t do anything wrong. Anyway, Na PD was just joking so I won’t take it (too) seriously.

        • Anonymous says:

          You might misunderstand abt PD Na’s words. He’s never dragged Seung Gi into the hole with others ever if anything he even says that Seung Gi’s a Hallyu star he sometimes relies on somehow. The phrase being far away from their old 1N2D popularity refers to where the whole 1N2D team stand today being not at the same place as the past – it’s where they mostly only got well loved without a black point meaning while nowadays anyone who looks at can tell that it-was-broken by most of members’ scandal, except Seung Gi. Such as the K-medias (and even Knets) often mentioned on their articles that “only maknae Lee Seung Gi alives or still doing well today”.
          Not only a new chance for them to challenge but this show (this trip) is also so meaningful for them to remind their beautiful days, in order to work harder in future. And more, I feel that there’s another reason PD Na and also the 1N2D team decide to do this show is it’s also a chance for the 1N2D members to send some hidden apologies to the 1N2D-ss1 fans who loved them in the past and still support them till now for intentionally breaking the 1N2D fans’ hearts due to their personal scandals in the past (since it will be broadcasted through internet services, it means you must have some interests in them to click on, right?).
          In case you don’t follow the news closely, that most of the 1N2D production team/staffs all moved from KBS to CJ E&M now, and it’s not just for the sake of their job but also because of their family bond is really no joke.

        • Lulu says:

          I heard that PD likes to “make fun” of his own shows so maybe this was another one of those. It’s like you said something bad first, then something good instead would actually come to be. But, I agree with you. He lumped SG in that group but the response from K-netizens was overwhelmingly pro-SG.

  2. JTW says:

    Old 1N2D team already reach the top of a mountain one. Hopefully, the New Journey to the West could reach the Peak of another higher mountain soon…Fighting.. Fighting !!! Can’t wait !

  3. Diane says:

    Cannot refrain from saying that PD is the most attention seeking PD I’ve ever seen. I have always felt he grabs too much limelight, not just from his stars, but also from his staff, such as the other producers, the WRITER TEAM, the editors, etc. 1N2D fans no doubt appreciate without the writers and the post-production efforts, the show would never reach the status it now enjoys. I will support the show NJttW, because of SeungGi. I don’t care one bit about that PD apart from that.

  4. babygirl says:

    The New Journey to the west will be a New internet Show from tvN. I think Win or lose is very important to Na PD. he needs to choose someone he trusted.and who he could think for..were KHD LSGuan EJW LSG and may be mc mong too. He works with them so long he know whatever what happen this four guys will never Never made him down. NJTTW Fighting !
    PS: sorry if I’m wrong

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not like that. PD Na planned to do a show for the 1n2d members to reunite for a long time, he mentioned abt it through his interviews in the past, and Seung Gi as well. That he and Seung Gi and other members met together several times after the show ended and all showed their wish that it’d be great if they would reunite through some show on someday. And now’s it’s that day. And they decided to broadcast it though internet also because of considering abt some members’ situation nowadays – Lee Su Geun, and even Kang Ho Dong. It’s not tvN original set it as an internet broadcasting show from the start, it’s they choose it mostly for the sake of the members and the viewers, meaning while it’s also a new challenge for them to go through as well.

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