Fan Account: Three Encounters with Lee Seung Gi in XiAn

A big thanks to AY for translating this extremely long but entertaining fan account!

AY’s notes: As the original fan account in Chinese is 6300 words+, I will only focus on the parts on Seung Gi.

The writer’s self-introduction: I am from the northeast of China and only moved to Xian two months ago. I had been to the Beijing FM. In the past 5 days, I saw Seung Gi 3 times, shook his hand and said “Fighting” to him. I would say it was a very fulfilling experience. I had never written a fan account. But I want to write down what I can remember from these 5 days so that I can keep them in my memories forever.

Day 1

I dreamily woke from my sleep and checked Weibo with nothing particular in mind. I only knew that the guys were coming to China and was checking for some airport photos. Of course, the night before, I had kind of a wishful thinking that they would be coming to Xian. But I said to myself, “They are not coming to Xian, are they? Probably not. You’re not that lucky.” AND…who would have thought….They are on their way–DESTINATION: XIAN! For 5 days! Haha, dear friends, do you understand how I felt? I had only been in Xian for 2 months and my favourite SG and the 1N2D members were coming. This was something I didn’t even dare to dream of at all. Bravo to PD Na for bringing them here!

As I washed up, I kept checking my phone for the latest news. I was almost on the verge of tears. “Mom, SG is here in Xian”. My mom replied calmly, ” …Crazy.” I rushed out to take the bus, then transferred to the coach, all the while thinking that I did not want to miss anything that I would regret later on. I wanted to look at him in the eyes and say “fighting’ and ‘thank you’, thanking him for giving me positive energy for the last 2 years.

Despite not being too familiar with Xian, I managed to find the other airens at the airport and make some new friends. We fixed our eyes at the exit as we shared our excitement. When the Korean tourists came out and saw our welcome banner, they smiled. One young girl said, “Aigoo.” Haha. A few others said to us in Korean, “Lee Seung Gi is right behind us.” After about an hour, we were getting nervous, excited, emotional. Finally, we caught a glimpse of him going through customs. He waved at us and the airens went screaming, “Seung Gi, Seung Gi.” A few minutes later, Seung Gi exited with Hodong, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, sunglasses, and a cap–nomu yeppuda (very handsome). He took our flowers and gifts and shook hands with each one of us. When he got to me, I was totally stunned. The only thing that I can remember now is that he is tall, thin, clean and has a warm smile. And one more thing–his face is REALLY SMALL. In a nutshell, this is what a star is like. Haha. One more important thing–his hands are really soft.

Seung Gi was heodang again. After shaking hands with the nearest airen, he made a wrong turn. Jiwon softly called out, “Seung Gi.” to direct him back to the escalator. On the escalator, Hodong looked at the screaming airens, then at SG. They were talking and laughing. Hodong was probably envious of SG’s massive popularity.

PD Na was expressionless. I guess he felt a bit worried and puzzled by how we found out about their itinerary. While we were waiting, the interpreter kept telling us not to scream, not to follow them, and to keep a distance so as not to interfere with the filming. But at the end, they did not film anything and just left the airport.

I went home with a great sense of achievement. I met, shook hands and talked to SG. It was a very hot day and I was completely drenched in sweats by the time I got home. I was hungry and exhausted but very very satisfied. I was glad I had gone. Now that I have met SG, the other airens, I really believe in the power of fate. Everything was so magical.

Day 2

I tried to tread with caution, partly because I did not know Xian well enough to go everywhere on my own and partly because I did not want my mom to think that I had gone crazy. So, I just stayed home and passed the day checking Weibo for news.

By evening, I could not stand it anymore. Since I lived near the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, I decided to go with my mom and try our luck . Mom purposely put on her new dress as she anticipated meeting Lee Seung Gi!! We strolled around but to our disappointment, we didn’t find anything. Later, I learnt that they went to the Terracotta Army.

Day 3

I clicked on WeChat and got a message from Airen Haikui that they had found out where the team were staying and that the fans were on their way over there. But the thing was, I had full-day class that day. It was still early in the morning and there was already a battle in my mind. Should I or shouldn’t I? Finally, reason got the better of me and I went to class. I comforted myself that even if the information was correct, the chance of seeing them would still be low. Determined, I went to classes. I did not want to be an irresponsible airen. Yet…little did I know…Haikui sent me a photo of SG in shorts and slippers eating walnut outside the hotel…how often would you see Lee Seung Gi dressed like that? I was filled with regret from within. I also overestimated my ability to concentrate. I did go to class but I could not catch a word the teacher was saying. And with the photos from Haikui, I almost felt like jumping from the 30th floor!!

By the afternoon, people spotted them at the Bell Tower. My heart started fluttering. I could not stay focused anyway, so I might as well just go look for him. I called up another Airen Xiaolan and I sneaked out when the teacher wasn’t looking.

We boarded the bus to the Bell Tower. And then…there was the sense of loss again…the place was huge and crowded. How could we ever find them? We wandered aimlessly and saw on Weibo that they were buying fruits at a stall. And then…fate at work again. Just as we were looking for the fruit stall, we ran into Jiwon’s fans who just ran into Seung Gi. They pointed us to the direction and like being fired up, we ran towards Seung Gi’s direction and found the fruit stall.

We asked the stall keeper where they had gone and started running again. Just at that moment, a young man in white was walking towards me with a frying pan in his hand. I took a better look…OMG!!…LEE SEUNG GI…

Can you imagine how I felt when I saw Lee Seung Gi walking towards me with a frying pan in his hand?

I quickly took out my phone. I couldn’t care less about the strange gazes from the passers-by. The most important thing was to take a picture of him. SG saw me from a distance and seemed a bit uneasy. He lowered his head. When he walked past us, he looked at us with curiosity. Haha. He must be thinking, “What are these sweaty, red-faced crazy women doing?” I looked at him, gathered up my guts, and called out, “Oppa.”. He smiled at us and we continued, “Jiayou (Fighting).” He replied with a “Jiayou” Perfect!!! Isn’t it? He said ‘fighting” to me. LEE SEUNG GI said “jiayou” to me!

Close Encounter of Lee Seung Gi and the Frying Pan

So, holding the groceries and a frying pan in his hand, SG went inside the hotel, probably to demonstrate his culinary skills. We’ll have to wait to see the product of his labour on the show. The staff stopped us at the door. But the eonni was very polite. She kept bowing to us. We gestured to her that we would not follow him inside and said “jiayou ” to her too and she too, went in. I immediately posted my picture on Weibo. I wanted the world to know that I saw SG with a big frying pan.

We lingered around the hotel, not wanting to leave. Not only did we see SG, we also found out where he stayed. We were ecstatic. Later, Haikui also came and we continued to stand outside the door. After some time, there was still no sign of any activity, so we left.

At home that night…”Mom, Seung Gi shook hands with me”…Mom said, “Crazy, you’ve said that 100 times already.”

I could finally eat a hearty meal. I was completely worn out but I ate a lot. At night, I lay on my bed and looked at the photos I had taken. I had loved and thought about this man for such a long time without ever dreaming of having the chance to meet him. Yet, he was in my city, looking at the scenery that I had looked at before, walking the roads that I had walked before. ..I was almost on the verge of tears again.

Day 4

Rise and shine early in the morning. “Mom, Lee Seung Gi is leaving tomorrow…woowoo.” Mom,” He’d better or you’ll really become crazy.” It was the last day. I was absolutely sure he would come to the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. How could they make “A Journey to the West” without visiting the Pagoda. So I stayed put at home. I was feeling a bit relaxed as I had met him, shaken hands with him and talked to him. It really didn’t matter if I didn’t see him today. People can’t be too greedy. So I spent the morning reading…not books…but Weibo.

In the afternoon, rain started to pour. I thought there was very little chance of seeing them. And then…Weibo said they were there. I called Xiaolan. She was nearby. I started pacing the floor in the living room. I saw pictures of him with an umbrella. He was so close. I had to see him. Outside, rain poured accompanied by thunder. I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t want to miss anything that I would regret. So, ignoring my mom’s advice, I went out with an umbrella. Although I live near the Pagoda, there was still quite a bit of walking. The rain was getting heavier and heavier and I was getting scared. They couldn’t possibly be filming in such heavy rain anyway and were probably taking shelter somewhere. So, reluctantly, I retreated home. I was feeling so low that when Mom came over to talk to me, I couldn’t even respond.

Finally, the rain stopped. With Mom’s permission, I rushed out. I called Xiaolan to get their exact location. I have a very bad sense of direction and I really wasn’t sure where to go. When I was almost there, Xiaolan called and told me they were watching the Musical Fountain on the bridge. I hurried over and despite the crowd, I spotted them right away–PD Na, Hodong, Suguen, Jiwon and Seung Gi. They had their backs towards us, watching the fountain. And I was watching them.

I was standing very close and could hear their conversation. He was laughing…It was so good. There he was, right there, not hurrying off like when he was at the airport, not being far away like when he was on stage at the concert, not distant like when he was on TV. He was just like an ordinary young man, watching a Musical Fountain when he was travelling, laughing with his companions, or even moving to the beat of the music. This is the Seung Gi that I had never seen before–real, pure.

I knew SG from MGIG. My first impression was that this man has such lovely dimples. I searched some more and realized that he is a good person, a good student, a good singer, a good actor and a good entertainer…all good. After 1N2D, I completely fell for him. Since then I had done many crazy things that I had never done before in my life. There were many first’s. Because of him, I had many, very, very wonderful experiences. Gradually, ‘liking SG” has become a part of my life. He has given me a lot of positive energy. Airens know his kindness, humility, diligence, intelligence, warmth and likeability. For those people who can’t understand this, I can only tell them that I am doing what I think is right. I am creating beautiful memories for myself. I don’t want to have any regrets. My uncle said, “Someday, you’ll look back and see how childish you have been.” If that day ever comes, I will still think it is worth it.

Look, the Musical Fountain that they were watching is the biggest in Asia. It is still something really great. Of course, I did not see it. I was focusing on the back of SG’s head. That is better than any musical fountain anywhere. Halfway through the show, SG took out his camera and took selfies with his pals. And I was still staring at his head. Seriously, even the back of his head is good-looking. Suddenly, without any warning, he turned around! He saw me. I was a bit taken aback but I waved at him. Haha, we met again. He looked at me, smiled and turned back. The lady next to me asked if I knew him, if he was my friend. I…..”No, no, no. I know him but he doesn’t know me.” I briefly introduced her to SG. I think all Airens have similar experiences–that when you talk to other people about SG, you feel so proud of him. The drone hovered above. We waved at it. They would probably edit it out. I don’t want to see my silly face on TV.

(Notes from Lanxiaojing: Talking about SG is an endless joy. The lady next to me was with her 8-year-old son. I started talking non-stop about SG to them.
I said, “Look at that Korean actor, the thin one. Doesn’t he look like a university student?”
She was a bit puzzled, “Who?”
I said, ” The guy in “Brilliant Legacy”.
“Oh, I have not watched the drama but I know who he is. Very handsome guy.”
I was particularly happy to hear the last few words. I told her 8-year-old son, ” Learn from him. He is working on a double Masters Degree”)

Suguen was cracking jokes as they were watching the musical fountain. The tourists beside him were all laughing. SG was laughing so hard that he couldn’t even stand up straight. Hearing his magical laughs was one of the most accomplished moments I had in the last few days.

After Hodong left 1N2D, the more I saw the rest of them laughing, the sadder I felt. Eventually, I stopped watching altogether. It hurt to see SG working so hard to be funny. He threw away his image and dressed up as a woman; he fell to make us laugh. Hyung left and he had to hold up the fort. The result proved that he did a superb job and did not let anyone down. But I think he must have had a very hard time…I love 1N2D. I love the team. The variety that they make is not the type that you will watch and forget. You can feel the power, warmth, inspiration and meaning in them. When I see them, I realize what real entertainers should be…Someone said on Weibo, all variety shows in that era paled when compared to 1N2D….

After watching the fountain, they walked to their car. Lots of fans followed them there. The non-fans were surprised. The fountain seemed to be their last stop. Before they got into the car, PD Na thanked and bowed to all the crew. We could hear them laughing in the car. An airen said that was probably because PD Na was going to take them for a good meal. Or they were celebrating the end of a good shoot.

Day 5

I did not go to the airport because I was too tired. Hahaha. it was also because I was so contented with what I had got. Here, I would like to make my ‘acceptance speech’. I would like to thank PD Na for not forgetting 1N2D, for making NJttW, for bringing them to Xian, China. I thank my mom for her understanding and patience, the airens for telling me where to find SG, Xiaolan for being my “partner in crime”, Haikwei for the pictures. And I thank myself for staying firm on doing what I want to do. I hope you have fun reading my fan account.

Fan account by JiaXiaoTangVivi
English translation by AY, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi

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  1. anon says:

    OMG HAHAHA fans meeting seunggi with a frying pan.

  2. lsgnada says:

    Hermoso relato. que linda experiencia. SG es único, y el más grande sobre todo por ser tan humilde y generoso con sus fans y siempre dispuesto a brindar su hermosa sonrisa.

  3. KalAi28 says:

    Wow! Very nice! I really enjoy reading fan accounts no matter how long they are. It’s as if Im also there having wonderful time with Seunggi. How I wish I can see him one day and right my own fan account too!
    Thank you so much for sharing JiaXiao and Tryp of course!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I envy her so much. She got to meet seunggi and create a beautiful memories in her life.….

  5. impreza says:

    Very nice read. It’s very genuine and tender. Thanks for this!

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear AY and Tryp, Thank you so much! And to the energetic author, you are amazing!

  7. crazyahjummafan says:

    A very lengthy, but warm, funny and infectious account. Thank you.

  8. seagizem says:

    I dont know why but i cried so hard while reading this 😦 I am really envious of you 🙂 but also again proud to be an airen as always 🙂 love reading fan accounts about seung gi oppa it is always really touching and funny 🙂

  9. Neha says:

    I wish I could ever meet him..
    but unforunately no chance of that..because he will never come in our country ..:-( 😦

  10. Lsgapprentice says:

    One of the best fan acc. That i have read.. 🙂 cant wait for NJTTW.

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