15.08.06 XiAn Airport Fanpics 12 – Lee Seung Gi

There were some local staff members waiting at the airport, and they told the fans they were going to start filming at the exit and asked them not to follow. When the team arrived, Na PD actually came out first, saw the crowd of fans and went back inside. He probably didn’t expect to see so many fans there, and had to make some changes to their plan. Instead of heading straight to the exit, they went up the escalator. The fans just watched first; by the time the fans went up, the team was waiting by a minivan. They all got in and drove off, so the fans left as well.

But a little later, 2 fans still waiting for the airport bus actually saw the team going back to start filming! The members were divided into 2 groups for a bokbulbok mission. SeungGi and JiWon hailed a taxi first, but were not successful bargaining with the driver, so they had to go back and buy bus tickets. After SeungGi left, the fans found out where the bus was headed, and let the others know so they could hopefully catch SeungGi at the bus station. To be continued…

credit: qingtian, wjmeek

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3 Responses to 15.08.06 XiAn Airport Fanpics 12 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. crazyahjummafan says:

    PD Na is very clever. Can’t have so many fans at the airport helping our Seunggi – not fair to the other team…
    But PD Na, I’m surprised tt you under estimated the star power of Seunggi and the devotion of his fans.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have high hopes that it does well in China if it ever releases there.

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