15.08.06 NJttW XiAn Filming Fanpics 11 – Lee Seung Gi

Only a few minutes after the fans got to the bus station, a bus pulled in. When the door opened, a girl jumped out saying amazedly that she actually sat on the same bus as Lee Seung Gi! So the fans knew they found the right bus. 😛 They then saw JiWon sitting in the last row, pointing in the fans’ direction, probably talking with SeungGi. Then SeungGi pulled the curtain aside, looked out, smiled at the fans, and went back to his seat. Unfortunately, the fan photographer didn’t capture that moment.

After everyone else got off the bus, JiWon walked to the door first and showed something to the bus stewardess, probably making sure they were at the right stop. He went back and the filming staff got off the bus, and then SeungGi followed. After he came out, the bus stewardess asked him for a selca together, and he struck a pose for her right away. After that, the staff pulled him away, and the stewardess was delirious (with happiness of course).

The fans handed some beverages to both SeungGi and JiWon, and they were very happy. SeungGi drank his right away. It was very hot in XiAn. Then it took the direction-challenged SeungGi a while to figure out which way he was headed. After a few steps, they stopped at the taxi stand, and asked for directions. Then they kept walking, and stopped at a bus stop. After looking at the signs for a while, they continued walking. They stopped at the next bus stop, probably found the right bus, and waited there. But there wasn’t any bus after a long wait, so they hailed a taxi instead. After a few words with the driver, they got into the taxi. The staff hailed another taxi, and they drove off. The fans didn’t know where they went after that. To be continued…

credit: qingtian (fan account), wjmeek (pictures)

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2 Responses to 15.08.06 NJttW XiAn Filming Fanpics 11 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Natalie says:

    The first mission must be OB vs YB! 😃
    Hehe direction-challenged Seunggi strikes again!! This is reminding me of NOF! 😁 He’s so cute!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cute! Also I’m happy that PD Shin Hyo Jung got along with Seung Gi on this trip since she’s like writer Lee Woo Jung for being smart and nice to Seung Gi as well as protecting Seung Gi pretty well as a noona.

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