15.08.12 Beauty Inside VIP Screening Fanpics 14 – Lee SeungGi

credit: wjmeek

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5 Responses to 15.08.12 Beauty Inside VIP Screening Fanpics 14 – Lee SeungGi

  1. Elvira C says:

    So beautiful! ❤️ is sweet like a little too much!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tryp i wanna ask something, it was rumored that seunggi is being considered in a drama.
    There a big possibility that Writer Park Ji Eun and Lee Seung Ji team up for upcoming SBS drama with Master’s Sun&brilliant legacy director.
    There no word about the story but the drama scheduled for first half of 2016.
    Update: There some rumors that Lee Min Ho also in talks for the same role as Lee Sueng Gi and Im Soo Jung ( Sorry, I Love You) in talk for leading lady.

    That person who give this information said that he/she got this information from dc drama..
    This is true? Do you know about this rumor?.. Thank you 🙂

    • rosie says:

      I heard about that rumor too about…1 months ago? He was rumored to be in these 2 dramas.

      1. A drama by Writer Park Ji Eun and PD Jin Hyuk (Brilliant Legacy’s PD)
      2. A drama called Michelin Star (don’t know who’s the writer but it is rumored to be directed by Moon Embracing the Sun’s PD, not Masters Sun I think)

      But I never heard about LMH and Im Soo Jung. Thats maybe a new rumor. I dont sure if he will has a drama comeback (but I hope he will for one last time!) as some of his CF contracts have ended, Cuckoo and KB Financial, looks like his enlistment is getting closer. But the other day he had a reunion with PD Jinhyuk…..hmm so it ain’t a crime to has hope a little.

      Tbh I was in dilemma, I was a bit greedy for wanting him to has a drama comeback and create an unforgettable momentum (drama with high ratings) before he enlist but at the same time, I don’t want his good images being influenced in a negative way by those fussy people who keep asking about his MS…..so whatever his decisions about taking a drama or not, I’ll support him regardless. Those fussy people are going to quiet soon when LSG enlist anyway.

      • Anonymous says:

        in case you didn’t know master sun pd and brilliant legacy pd is same pd, Jin Hyuk PDnim he also city hunter pd..

        so base on the rumor, for this drama if seunggi not take this role, maybe lee min ho who will take it.. and for leading lady is im soo jung, i dont know this is true or not so i wanted to know this rumor true or not? because that person said he/she know about casting rumor alongside with other casting rumor from dc drama

        • rosie says:

          Yeah I also heard the rumor from someone who saw it on DC Drama board. And since SG had a reunion with PD Jinhyuk the other day, it might be true. It’s possible for PD Jinhyuk to talk about his new drama with SG, it can’t be just a simple reunion dinner. But nothing is confirmed, so lets just wait. 🙂

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