NJttW Team to Hold Press Conference on Sept. 1

According to tvN, New Journey to the West production crew and members will make their first official appearance through a press conference to be held at 63 Convention Center on the afternoon of September 1.

Kang Ho Dong (Zhu Bajie), Lee Seung Gi (Xuanzang), Eun Ji Won (Sha Wujing), Lee Su Geun (Sun Wukong), along with PD Na Young Seok and writer Choi Jae Young will be in attendance.

As the first contents in the 2nd half of 2015 of tvN digital contents brand ‘tvNgo,’ NJttW will be first released through Naver PC & mobile TVCast on September 4.

source: osen via nate, joynews
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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4 Responses to NJttW Team to Hold Press Conference on Sept. 1

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Can i ask something tryp ?
    this chinese name (Zhu Bajie) (Xuanzang) (Sha Wujing) (Sun Wukong).
    Is this their character name or their name if it translated to chinese language ?

  3. Estella Velasco says:

    Wow! I went to Amazon, and they have several translations on the book. I will purchase “Monkey: A Folk Tale of China” translated by Arthur Waley. The story sounds really funny. I am interested to see how Producer Na will handle the White Horse. So, does this mean the guys will film more trips in China? I hope so. Amused. ev

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